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Social and Behavioral Sciences Classes


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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the Social and Behavioral Sciences block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
82046ECON 2100 01 3Principles of MacroeconomicsTR9:30am-10:45amMC 133Messer, Terri45/60Jackson
82245ECON 2100 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Principles of Macroeconomics---Bergan, Nicholas22/24-
82541ECON 2100 TN eCampus3Principles of Macroeconomics---Staff-
82049ECON 2200 01 3Principles of MicroeconomicsTR8:00am-9:15amMC 133Messer, Terri19/60Jackson
82050ECON 2200 02W - ONLINE3Principles of Microeconomics---Bergan, Nicholas26/28-
82211ECON 2200 TN eCampus3Principles of Microeconomics---Staff-
80456GEOG 2010 01W - ONLINE3World Regional Geography---Curtis, Kendrick25/26-
82590GEOG 2010 03W - ONLINE3World Regional Geography---Curtis, Kendrick14/26-
80040PHED 2050 01 3Health and WellnessTR8:00am-9:15amPE 20Hines, Deron26/28Jackson
81659PHED 2050 02H - DISTANCE3Health and WellnessTR9:30am-10:45amH 24Hines, Deron5/6Humboldt
81690PHED 2050 02L - DISTANCE3Health and WellnessTR9:30am-10:45amLEX 125Hines, Deron5/6Lexington
80041PHED 2050 02W - ONLINE3Health and Wellness---Aird, Misty27/28-
80813POLS 1030 1DH - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amH 14Fry, Billy2/5Humboldt
80814POLS 1030 1DJ - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amC 202Fry, Billy10/15Jackson
80815POLS 1030 1DL - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amLEX 141Fry, Billy6/8Lexington
82546POLS 1030 TN eCampus3American Government---Staff-
82425POLS 2025 01W - ONLINE3State and Local Government---Fry, Billy15/25-
82547POLS 2025 TN eCampus3State and Local Government---Staff-
82274PSYC 1030 01 - HYBRID3General PsychologyF12:30pm-1:45pmC 225Summers, Robert20/28Jackson
80462PSYC 1030 04 3General PsychologyTR9:30am-10:45amSC 205Brummer, Gary27/28Jackson
80554PSYC 1030 16 3General PsychologyM2:00pm-4:45pmC 107Summers, Robert20/28Jackson
82278PSYC 1030 1DJ - DISTANCE3General PsychologyW6:00pm-8:45pmC 202Butler, Michelle9/10Jackson
81103PSYC 1030 2DH - DISTANCE3General PsychologyW6:00pm-8:45pmH 24Butler, Michelle6/10Humboldt
80480PSYC 1030 2DL - DISTANCE3General PsychologyW6:00pm-8:45pmLEX 125Butler, Michelle6/10Lexington
82081PSYC 1030 2DP - DISTANCE3General PsychologyW6:00pm-8:45pm1BButler, Michelle1/10Paris
80482PSYC 1030 2DS - DISTANCE3General PsychologyW6:00pm-8:45pmSAV 113Butler, Michelle15/20Savannah
80549PSYC 1030 32W - ONLINE3General Psychology---Nathaniel, Clifford27/28-
81692PSYC 1030 3DH - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW12:30pm-1:45pmH 14Summers, Robert3/5Humboldt
80486PSYC 1030 3DL - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW12:30pm-1:45pmLEX 141Summers, Robert13/14Lexington
82620PSYC 1030 3DP - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW12:30pm-1:45pm1BSummers, Robert1/5Paris
81089PSYC 1030 3DS - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW12:30pm-1:45pmSAV 126Summers, Robert7/10Savannah
80469PSYC 1030 LX1 3General PsychologyTR12:30pm-1:45pmLEX 140 ABSummers, Robert12/28Lexington
82549PSYC 1030 1st half of term TN eCampus3General Psychology---Staff-
82548PSYC 1030 TN eCampus3General Psychology---Staff-
82252SOCI 1010 01H - HYBRID3Intro to SociologyF8:00am-9:15amC 227Fortner, Emily14/28Jackson
81013SOCI 1010 04 3Intro to SociologyTR12:30pm-1:45pmC 227Rookstool, William24/30Jackson
82259SOCI 1010 05 3Intro to SociologyMW11:00am-12:15pmC 103Rookstool, William18/28Jackson
80492SOCI 1010 05W - ONLINE3Intro to Sociology---Orr, Jonathan27/28-
82556SOCI 1010 1st half of term TN eCampus3Intro to Sociology---Staff-
82555SOCI 1010 TN eCampus3Intro to Sociology---Staff-
80494SOCI 1020 01 3Social ProblemsTR8:00am-9:15amC 228Fortner, Emily26/28Jackson