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Social and Behavioral Sciences Classes


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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the Social and Behavioral Sciences block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
51612ECON 2100 02W - ONLINE3Principles of Macroeconomics---Messer, Terri30/32-
51697ECON 2100 TN eCampus3Principles of Macroeconomics---Staff-
51614ECON 2200 02W - ONLINE3Principles of Microeconomics---Bergan, Nicholas29/30-
51698ECON 2200 TN eCampus3Principles of Microeconomics---Staff-
50826GEOG 2010 01W - ONLINE3World Regional Geography---Curtis, Kendrick6/28-
50610GEOG 2010 TN eCampus3World Regional Geography---Staff-
50602PHED 2050 01W - ONLINE3Health and Wellness---Hines, Deron18/28-
51920PHED 2050 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Health and Wellness---Hines, Deron6/28-
51905POLS 1030 01W - ONLINE3American Government---Fry, Billy14/28-
51715POLS 1030 TN eCampus3American Government---Staff-
51716POLS 2025 TN eCampus3State and Local Government---Staff-
50835PSYC 1030 01W - ONLINE3General Psychology---Raines, Bob26/28-
51826PSYC 1030 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3General Psychology---Woods, Scott17/28-
51883PSYC 1030 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3General Psychology---Raines, Bob13/28-
50637PSYC 1030 TN eCampus3General Psychology---Staff-
50641SOCI 1010 TN eCampus3Intro to Sociology---Staff-
50730SOCI 1020 01W - ONLINE3Social Problems---Fortner, Emily9/28-