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CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
82458ALHS 2311 01H - HYBRID3Mgmt and Leadership for AHS SuT2:15pm-3:30pmMC 244Foster, Rita13/24Jackson
82312ALHS 2312 01H - HYBRID3Contemporary Issues in HthcareT5:30pm-7:30pm-Evans, Dorshonda11/25Jackson
82313ALHS 2312 02H - HYBRID3Contemporary Issues in HthcareW5:30pm-7:30pm-Evans, Dorshonda17/25Jackson
82459ALHS 2314 01H - HYBRID3Medical Law and EthicsT3:45pm-5:00pmMC 244Foster, Rita19/24Jackson
81608CITC 1300 01H - HYBRID3Beginning HTML & CSSR2:00pm-3:15pmMC 243Callahan, Randall15/24Jackson
81777CITC 1301 02H - HYBRID 1st half of term3Intro to Programming & LogicW5:15pm-6:45pmMC 243Hendren, Stacey11/24Jackson
82039CITC 1302 01H - HYBRID3Introduction to NetworkingW7:00pm-8:30pmMC 240Butler, Charles13/20Jackson
81782CITC 1321 02H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3A+ HardwareW5:15pm-6:45pmMC 238Matlock, Lisa18/20Jackson
81618CITC 1324 01H - HYBRID3CCNA IIT9:30am-10:45amMC 240Pigg, Tom12/24Jackson
81783CITC 1324 02H - HYBRID 1st half of term3CCNA IIM5:15pm-6:45pmMC 240Pigg, Tom7/24Jackson
81784CITC 2320 02H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Windows Server AdministrationW5:15pm-6:45pmMC 240Callahan, Randall6/20Jackson
82014COL 1030 10H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationF11:00am-1:30pmC 235Davis, Patrick24/25Jackson
82136COL 1030 28H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationS9:30am-10:45amC 235Davis, Shannon21/25Jackson
80553EDU 2100 02H - HYBRID3Intro to Special EducationT9:30am-10:45amC 202Hickey, Nancy11/25Jackson
81997EETC 1311 03H - HYBRID 1st half of term3Electrical Circuits IW7:00pm-8:50pmMC 131DHamilton, Aaron12/16Jackson
82378EETC 1321 02H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Electronics IW7:00pm-8:50pmMC 137BLawrence, Benjamin12/16Jackson
82282EETC 2361 03H - HYBRID 1st half of term3Instrumentation TechnologyW7:00pm-8:50pmMC 137BJames, Roger9/12Jackson
80865ENGL 1010 BU2 - HYBRID 2nd half of term3English Composition IW5:00pm-6:50pmMC 135ALindsey, Matthew14/23Jackson
82007ENST 1350 02H - HYBRID 1st half of term3Industrial SafetyW5:00pm-6:50pmMC 135BHamilton, Aaron9/20Jackson
82380ENST 1360 01H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Mechanical Power TransmissionsW7:00pm-8:50pmMC 131DJames, Roger8/16Jackson
82309FIRE 2310 01H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Fire Protection Systems---Staff0/6Jackson
82310FIRE 2360 01H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Safety & Health for Emerg Serv---Staff0/6Jackson
81801HIST 2020 04H - HYBRID3Modern United States HistoryR8:00am-9:15amC 227Prater, Tammy20/28Jackson
81989INFS 1010 03H - HYBRID3Computer ApplicationsW7:00pm-8:50pmMC 244Callahan, Randall22/24Jackson
81624INFS 1010 04H - HYBRID3Computer ApplicationsT2:00pm-3:15pmMC 243Callahan, Randall22/24Jackson
82579MATH 0530 11 - HYBRID3Lab for Math 1530TR12:30pm-1:45pmSC 203Curtis, Justin17/28Jackson
82283MATH 1530 08 - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Introductory StatisticsR6:00pm-8:00pmC 125Britt, Joshua21/30Jackson
82274PSYC 1030 01 - HYBRID3General PsychologyF12:30pm-1:45pmC 225Summers, Robert20/28Jackson
82565PSYC 2130 03 - HYBRID3Life Span PsychologyM8:00am-9:15amC 205Grooms, Vivian9/28Jackson
82252SOCI 1010 01H - HYBRID3Intro to SociologyF8:00am-9:15amC 227Fortner, Emily14/28Jackson