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Spring 2024 Class Schedule

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CRN Rubric   Hours Title Days   Time Bldg/Room   Instr. Enrolled   Location
15508COL 1030 DLG - DISTANCE3College to Career NavigationM5:30pm-8:15pmGIB 112Stanford, Jennifer0/3Trenton Gibson County Center
15509COL 1030 DLS - DISTANCE3College to Career NavigationM5:30pm-8:15pmSAV 113Stanford, Jennifer10/16Savannah
15376CRMJ 1010 DLG - DISTANCE3Intro to Criminal JusticeTR2:00pm-3:15pmGIB 112Perrin, Karen1/3Trenton Gibson County Center
15373CRMJ 1010 DLJ - DISTANCE3Intro to Criminal JusticeTR2:00pm-3:15pmC 203Perrin, Karen3/12Jackson
15374CRMJ 1010 DLL - DISTANCE3Intro to Criminal JusticeTR2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 141Perrin, Karen3/5Lexington
15375CRMJ 1010 DLS - DISTANCE3Intro to Criminal JusticeTR2:00pm-3:15pmSAV 126Perrin, Karen2/5Savannah
15441HIST 2010 DLG - DISTANCE3Early United States HistoryR5:30pm-8:15pmGIB 112Rickman, David0/3Trenton Gibson County Center
15440HIST 2010 DLL - DISTANCE3Early United States HistoryR5:30pm-8:15pmLEX 125Rickman, David3/10Lexington
11480HIST 2020 DJ1 - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmC 202Fry, Billy4/15Jackson
14336HIST 2020 DL2 - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmSAV 112Fry, Billy0/3Savannah
14864HIST 2020 DLG - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmGIB 112Fry, Billy0/2Trenton Gibson County Center
10155HIST 2020 DLL - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 141Fry, Billy2/10Lexington
15445HSC 111 1DG - DISTANCE3Medical TerminologyTR8:00am-9:30amGIB 112Staff0/5Trenton Gibson County Center
15443HSC 111 1DL - DISTANCE3Medical TerminologyTR8:00am-9:30amLEX 125Staff0/5Lexington
14408MATH 1530 D2J - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmC 202Russell, Joshua6/25Jackson
15345MATH 1530 GB1 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmGIB 112Russell, Joshua0/20Trenton Gibson County Center
14736MATH 1530 LX1 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmLEX 125Russell, Joshua7/20Lexington
14737MATH 1530 SA3 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmSAV 113Russell, Joshua8/10Savannah
15071MUS 1030 1DL - DISTANCE3Introduction to MusicM4:15pm-6:45pmLEX 125Brown, Robert5/14Lexington
15070MUS 1030 1DS - DISTANCE3Introduction to MusicM4:15pm-6:45pmSAV 126Brown, Robert8/9Savannah
11935POLS 1030 01 - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amC 202Fry, Billy10/15Jackson
15045POLS 1030 1DL - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amLEX 141Fry, Billy1/5Lexington
15383POLS 1030 DLG - DISTANCE3American GovernmentMW9:30am-10:45amGIB 112Fry, Billy0/2Trenton Gibson County Center
15386PSYC 1030 DLG - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW11:00am-12:15pmGIB 112Woods, Scott0/2Trenton Gibson County Center
15384PSYC 1030 DLL - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW11:00am-12:15pmLEX 125Woods, Scott3/8Lexington
15385PSYC 1030 DLS - DISTANCE3General PsychologyMW11:00am-12:15pmSAV 113Woods, Scott6/7Savannah