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CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
82452ADMN 2395 01 3APT Internship---Lowery, Jayne2/0Jackson
81927AGRI 1020 ML9 3Intro to Animal Sciences---Griffith, Christina0/0Milan HS
82209ART 1035 SS9 3Introduction to ArtMTWRF7:30am-8:50am-Gott, William0/0Jackson
82193ARTP 1110 SS9 3Two Dimensional DesignMTWRF12:50pm-2:15pm-Gott, William0/0Southside HS
81975BIOL 1110 01 0Lab for BIOL 1110F8:00am-10:45amSC 218Staff0/0Jackson
80837BIOL 1110 AC8 1st half of term0Lab for BIOL Crockett CoMTWRF1:30pm-2:55pm-Watson, Kristi0/0Crockett Co HS
81014BIOL 1110 AC9 1st half of term4General Biology IMTWRF1:30pm-2:55pm-Watson, Kristi0/0Crockett Co HS
82231BIOL 1110 BR8 0Lab for BIOL 1110MTWRF9:40am-10:40am-Aitken, Alexander0/0Haywood HS
82230BIOL 1110 BR9 4General Biology IMTWRF9:40am-10:40am-Aitken, Alexander0/0Haywood HS
82575BIOL 1110 MN6 0Lab for BIOL 1110MWF10:00am-11:15am-Staff0/0McNairy Central
82574BIOL 1110 MN7 4General Biology ITR10:00am-11:15am-Keeton, Jason0/0McNairy Central
81050BIOL 1110 MN8 0Lab for 83573MWF8:00am-9:15am-Allison, Sarah0/0McNairy Central
81049BIOL 1110 MN9 - DISTANCE4General Biology ITR8:00am-9:15am-Keeton, Jason0/0McNairy Central
81817BIOL 1110 PA1 4General Biology IMW8:00am-9:15am6Lee, Glenn0/0Paris
81818BIOL 1110 PA2 0Lab for BIOL 1110TR8:00am-9:15am6Lee, Glenn0/0Paris
81018BIOL 1120 AC8 2nd half of term0Lab for BIOL 1120MTWRF1:30pm-2:55pm-Watson, Kristi0/0Crockett Co HS
81017BIOL 1120 AC9 2nd half of term4General Biology IIMTWRF1:30pm-2:55pm-Watson, Kristi0/0Crockett Co HS
80147BIOL 2010 12 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW3:30pm-4:45pmSC 212Staff0/0Jackson
81454BIOL 2010 13 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW11:00am-12:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
80361BIOL 2010 21 4Human Anatomy and Physiology ITR2:00pm-3:15pmSC 103Staff0/0Jackson
81048BIOL 2010 31 0Lab for BIOL 2010F8:00am-10:50amSC 212Staff0/0Jackson
81047BIOL 2010 SA4 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW2:00pm-3:15pmSAV 120Staff0/0Savannah
80156BIOL 2020 02 0Lab for BIOL 2020MW8:00am-9:15amSC 216Staff0/0Jackson
81534BIOL 2020 99 4Honors Anatomy Physiology II---Staff0/0Jackson
82246CHEM 2010 03 0Lab for CHEM 2010R3:30pm-6:15pmSC 208Kappel, Joseph0/0Jackson
81868COL 1030 16 3College to Career NavigationMW2:00pm-3:15pmC 227Staff0/0Jackson
82454COM 232 01 1Practicum---Lackey, Abby0/0Jackson
82026COMM 2025 12W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Fundamentals of Communication---Warren-Cox, Kim0/0-
82027COMM 2025 13W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Lackey, Abby0/0-
82204COMM 2025 18W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Ragsdale, Alisa0/0-
82179COMM 2025 AC9 - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Clark, Renee0/0-
82588CRMJ 1020 LX1 3Introduction to Legal ProcessMW9:00am-10:15am-Perrin, Karen3/0Lexington HS
82437ENGL 1010 25 3English Composition IMW12:30pm-1:45pmC 223Staff0/0Jackson
82200ENGL 1010 31W - ONLINE3English Composition I---Hardison-Wilbanks, Cynthia0/0-
82227ENGL 1010 34W - ONLINE3English Composition I---Hardison-Wilbanks, Cynthia0/0-
82367ENGL 1010 35 3English Composition ITR2:00pm-3:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
82593ENGL 1010 9BR - DISTANCE3English Composition ITR9:25am-10:45am-Staff0/0Haywood HS
82594ENGL 1010 9MI - DISTANCE3English Composition ITR9:00am-10:15am-McDonald, Ellen0/0Middleton HS
82185ENGL 1010 AC8 1st half of term3English Composition IMTWRF9:20am-10:40am-Allison, Billy0/0Crockett Co HS
82186ENGL 1010 AC9 1st half of term3English Composition IMTWRF10:40am-12:39pm-Allison, Billy0/0Crockett Co HS
81124ENGL 1010 BC8 3English Composition I---Tims, Terri0/0Bolivar HS
81916ENGL 1010 BC9 3English Composition I---Tims, Terri0/0Bolivar HS
82226ENGL 1010 BR9 3English Composition I---Pierce, Patricia0/0Bradford HS
81915ENGL 1010 HC8 3English Composition IMTWRF1:45pm-3:15pm-Pritchard, Christina0/0Henry Co HS
81516ENGL 1010 HC9 3English Composition IMWF8:00am-8:50am-Pritchard, Christina0/0Henry Co HS
81739ENGL 1010 LB8 3English Composition IMTWRF10:24am-12:38pm-Lindsey, Matthew0/0Liberty Tech MS
81400ENGL 1010 LH8 3English Composition ITR2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 124Martin, Melissa15/0Lexington
81750ENGL 1010 MA5 3English Composition IMTWRF12:40pm-2:15pm-Coffman, Molly0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
81504ENGL 1010 MA7 3English Composition IMTWRF7:15am-8:50am-Clark, Christopher0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
81486ENGL 1010 MA8 3English Composition IMTWR8:55am-10:30am-Clark, Christopher0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
80995ENGL 1010 MA9 3English Composition IMTWRF10:35am-12:05pm-Clark, Christopher0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
81480ENGL 1010 MC7 3English Composition I---Flowers, Vicki0/0McNairy Central
80999ENGL 1010 MC8 3English Composition I---Flowers, Vicki0/0McNairy Central
80998ENGL 1010 MC9 3English Composition I---Flowers, Vicki0/0McNairy Central
81508ENGL 1010 SC7 3English Composition ITR8:00am-9:15amSAV 127Martin, Melissa20/0Savannah
80987ENGL 1010 SC9 3English Composition IMW8:00am-9:15amSAV 127Guth, Ryan21/0Savannah
81004ENGL 1010 SG9 - ONLINE3English Composition I---Clark, Olivia0/0-
81002ENGL 1010 SH9 3English Composition IMTWRF9:30am-10:40am-Thompson, Karen0/0Scotts Hill HS
81007ENGL 1010 SS8 3English Composition IMTWRF7:15am-8:50am-Mann, Richard0/0Southside HS
82194ENGL 1010 SS9 3English Composition IMTWRF10:30am-12:10pm-Mann, Richard0/0Southside HS
82142ENGL 1010 TC8 3English Composition IMW7:30am-8:45am-Sweet, Candyce0/0Trinity Christian
81010ENGL 1010 TC9 3English Composition ITR7:30am-8:45am-Sweet, Candyce0/0Trinity Christian
81929ENGL 1020 AC7 2nd half of term3English Composition IIMTWRF9:20am-10:40am-Allison, Billy0/0Crockett Co HS
80981ENGL 1020 AC9 2nd half of term3English Composition IIMTWRF10:40am-12:39pm-Allison, Billy0/0Crockett Co HS
81741HIST 2010 BC8 3Early United States HistoryMTWRF1:15pm-2:05pm-Hodge, Deborah0/0Bolivar HS
81390HIST 2010 BRW - ONLINE3Early United States History---Bishop, Randal0/0-
81098HIST 2010 HE8 3Early United States HistoryMWF8:00am-8:50am-Jones, Kenneth0/0Chester Co HS
81070HIST 2010 MDW - ONLINE3Early United States HistoryMTWRF--Bishop, Randal0/0-
81466HIST 2010 ML8 3Early United States HistoryTR9:30am-10:45am-Jones, Kenneth0/0Milan HS
81071HIST 2010 MN9 3Early United States HistoryMTWRF12:00pm-1:15pm-Friend, John0/0McNairy Central
81073HIST 2010 TC8 3Early United States HistoryMTWRF10:45am-11:30am-Briley, Robert0/0Trinity Christian
81069HIST 2010 TCA 3Early United States HistoryMTWRF8:50am-9:40am-Briley, Robert0/0Trinity Christian
81906HIST 2020 HC8 3Modern United States HistoryMW11:30am-12:50pm-Webb, David0/0Henry Co HS
81701HIST 2020 HC9 3Modern United States HistoryTR11:35am-12:50pm-Webb, David0/0Henry Co HS
82203HIST 2020 SC8 - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryTR8:30am-9:45amSAV 117Rafuse, Brian0/0Savannah
82587HIST 2020 SGW - ONLINE3Modern United States History---Masters, Robert0/0-
82207HON 200 01 2nd half of term1Honors Colloq: Animal BehaviorF9:00am-10:15amSC 203Staff0/0Jackson
81748HSC 111 AC9 3Medical TerminologyMTWRF1:39pm-2:55pm-Mayfield, Gayla0/0Crockett Co HS
81738HSC 111 HE9 3Medical TerminologyMTWRF10:12am-11:12am-McPherson, Ginger0/0Chester Co HS
82326MATH 0010 01 3Lab for MATH 1010TR9:30am-10:45amC 126BStaff0/0Jackson
82341MATH 0010 07 3Lab for MATH 1010T6:00pm-9:00pm-Staff0/0Jackson
82355MATH 0030 02 3Lab for College MathMW2:00pm-3:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
81428MATH 0030 SA2 3Lab for College MathM6:00pm-8:45pmSAV 133Butler, Sheryl0/0Savannah
82340MATH 0530 08 3Lab for Math 1530M6:00pm-9:00pmC 126BStaff0/0Jackson
82285MATH 1010 01 3Math for General StudiesM6:00pm-9:00pmC 125Britt, Joshua0/0Jackson
82299MATH 1010 05 3Math for General StudiesTR8:00am-9:15amSC 118Staff0/0Jackson
82314MATH 1010 08 3Math for General StudiesTR3:30pm-4:45pmC 127Li, Jialing0/0Jackson
82315MATH 1010 09 3Math for General StudiesMW2:00pm-3:15pmC 127Pride, Linda0/0Jackson
81264MATH 1030 02 3Essentials of MathematicsMW12:30pm-1:45pm-West, Karen0/0Jackson
81742MATH 1030 63 3Essentials of Mathematics---Staff0/0Jackson
80254MATH 1410 50W - ONLINE3Number Concepts for Teachers---Staff0/0-
81174MATH 1530 07 3Introductory StatisticsMW8:00am-9:15amC 127Staff0/0Jackson
81182MATH 1530 15 3Introductory Statistics---Staff0/0Jackson
81183MATH 1530 16 3Introductory StatisticsTR12:30pm-1:45pm-Staff0/0Jackson
81322MATH 1530 20 3Introductory StatisticsMW9:30am-10:45am-Staff0/0Jackson
81323MATH 1530 21 3Introductory StatisticsMW11:00am-12:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
81324MATH 1530 22 3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-3:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
81325MATH 1530 23 3Introductory StatisticsMW2:00pm-3:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
81728MATH 1530 CB9 - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Plunk, Christie0/0-
81418MATH 1530 MA9 3Introductory StatisticsMTWRF8:55am-10:30am-Montgomery, Susan0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
81465MATH 1530 NS8 3Introductory StatisticsMTWRF8:00am-9:30am-Lowery, William0/0North Side HS
80797MATH 1530 SA1 3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-8:50pmSAV 133Staff0/0Savannah
81335MATH 1530 SA2 3Introductory StatisticsW6:00pm-8:50pmSAV 133Staff0/0Savannah
81462MATH 1530 SA3 3Introductory StatisticsR6:00pm-8:50pmSAV 133Staff0/0Savannah
81707MATH 1530 SH9 3Introductory Statistics---Vineyard, Linda0/0Scotts Hill HS
81771MATH 1710 03 3Precalculus AlgebraMW11:00am-12:15pm-Staff0/0Jackson
82217MATH 1710 A38 3Precalculus AlgebraMW8:00am-9:15am-Hendrix, Curry9/0Savannah
81432MATH 1710 BC8 - DISTANCE3Precalculus AlgebraMWF7:55am-8:45am-Curtis, Justin0/0Bolivar HS
81040MATH 1710 BC9 - DISTANCE3Precalculus AlgebraMWF8:50am-9:40am-Curtis, Justin0/0Bolivar HS
81920MATH 1710 HC7 3Precalculus AlgebraMTWRF8:00am-9:30am-Newman, Monica0/0Henry Co HS
81917MATH 1710 HC8 3Precalculus AlgebraMTWRF11:45am-2:40pm-Newman, Monica0/0Henry Co HS
81708MATH 1710 HC9 3Precalculus AlgebraMTWRF1:45pm-3:15pm-Newman, Monica0/0Henry Co HS
82598MATH 1710 HE9 3Precalculus AlgebraMW11:46am-12:50pm-Curtis, Justin0/0Chester Co HS
80841MATH 1710 LBW - ONLINE3Precalculus Algebra---Staff0/0-
81658MATH 1710 LX9 3Precalculus AlgebraMW2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 140 ABCurtis, Justin31/0Lexington
81025MATH 1710 MN8 3Precalculus AlgebraMTWRF8:00am-9:15am-Hendrix, Curry0/0McNairy Central
81024MATH 1710 MN9 3Precalculus AlgebraMTWRF10:00am-11:15am-Hendrix, Curry0/0McNairy Central
81027MATH 1710 SH9 3Precalculus Algebra---Vineyard, Linda0/0Scotts Hill HS
81914MATH 1720 SS8 3Precalculus Trigonometry---Johnson, Linda0/0Southside HS
80565MUS 1030 11W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Overton, Charles0/0-
82191MUS 1030 17W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Cavitt, Jeremiah0/0-
82192MUS 1030 18W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Overton, Charles0/0-
80187MUS 1050 01 1InnovationTR12:30pm-1:45pmPE 7Gray Lemus, Esther5/0Jackson
80188MUS 1051 01 1InnovationTR12:30pm-1:45pmPE 7Gray Lemus, Esther3/0Jackson
80189MUS 2050 01 1InnovationTR12:30pm-1:45pmPE 7Gray Lemus, Esther4/0Jackson
80191MUS 2051 01 1InnovationTR12:30pm-1:45pmPE 7Gray Lemus, Esther3/0Jackson
80794PSCI 1010 DLH - DISTANCE4Principles of Physical ScienceF8:00am-10:45amH 14Staff0/0Humboldt
80759PSCI 1010 DLJ - DISTANCE4Principles of Physical ScienceF8:00am-10:45amC 202Staff0/0Jackson
80795PSCI 1010 DLL - DISTANCE4Principles of Physical ScienceF8:00am-10:45amLEX 125Staff0/0Lexington
80796PSCI 1010 DLS - DISTANCE4Principles of Physical ScienceF8:00am-10:45amSAV 112Staff0/0Savannah
82168PSYC 1030 0W - ONLINE3General Psychology---Nathaniel, Clifford0/0-
81862PSYC 1030 HCW - ONLINE3General Psychology---DeMoulin, Donald0/0-
81393PSYC 1030 MA8 3General PsychologyMW12:50pm-2:10pm-Woods, Scott0/0Madison Academic Mag HS
80555PSYC 1030 MDW - ONLINE3General Psychology---DeMoulin, Donald0/0-
80541SLR 2999 01 1Service Learning Prac 1---Staff0/0Jackson
80542SLR 2999 02 1Service Learning Prac 2---Staff0/0Jackson
82213SOCI 1010 0W - ONLINE3Intro to Sociology---Orr, Jonathan0/0-