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CRN Rubric  Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
51247ACCT 1010 01W - ONLINE3Principles of Accounting I---Mullins, Terry25/28-
50611ACCT 1010 TN eCampus3Principles of Accounting I---Staff-
51611ACCT 1020 01W - ONLINE3Principles of Accounting II---Mullins, Terry15/28-
50612ACCT 1020 TN eCampus3Principles of Accounting II---Staff-
51872AGRI 1010 TN eCampus3Introduction to Agri Business---Staff-
50613AGRI 1020 TN eCampus3Intro to Animal Sciences---Youngerman, Sara-
51873AGRI 1050 TN eCampus0Intro to Soil Science---Staff-
51798ALHS 2311 01W - ONLINE3Mgmt and Leadership for AHS Su---Foster, Rita24/25-
51797ALHS 2312 01W - ONLINE3Contemporary Issues in Hthcare---Evans, Dorshonda17/25-
51799ALHS 2314 01W - ONLINE3Medical Law and Ethics---Foster, Rita20/25-
51662ART 1035 01W - ONLINE3Introduction to Art---Norman, Carol24/25-
51663ART 1035 02W - ONLINE3Introduction to Art---Norman, Carol14/25-
51680ART 1035 TN eCampus3Introduction to Art---Staff-
51681ART 2000 TN eCampus3Art History Survey I---Staff-
51682ART 2020 TN eCampus3Art History Survey II---Staff-
51874ART 2020 RD1 TN eCampus3Art History Survey II---Staff-
51849BIOL 1120 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term4General Biology II---Bailey, Claude23/25-
51850BIOL 1120 02W - ONLINE 2nd half of term0Lab for BIOL 1120---Bailey, Claude24/25-
51851BIOL 1120 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term0Lab for BIOL 1120---Walker, Carrie11/25-
51871BIOL 1120 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term4General Biology II---Bailey, Claude12/25-
51684BIOL 1510 TN eCampus4Environmental Science I---Staff-
51685BIOL 1520 TN eCampus4Environmental Science II---Staff-
51855BIOL 2010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Jeter, Benjamin27/30-
51856BIOL 2010 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term0Lab for BIOL 2010---Watson, Kristi28/30-
50233BIOL 2010 TN eCampus4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Staff-
51853BIOL 2020 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Keeton, Jason36/60-
51854BIOL 2020 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term0Lab for BIOL 2020---Fisher, Audra36/60-
51860BIOL 2020 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Bryant, Lauren60/80-
51861BIOL 2020 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term0Lab for BIOL 2020---Fisher, Audra60/80-
50234BIOL 2020 TN eCampus4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Staff-
51869BIOL 2230 06W - ONLINE4Microbiology---Jeter, Benjamin21/25-
51870BIOL 2230 07W - ONLINE0Lab for BIOL 2230---Jeter, Benjamin21/25-
50235BIOL 2230 TN eCampus4Microbiology---Staff-
51151BUSN 1300 TN eCampus3Personal Finance---Staff-
51787BUSN 1302 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Keyboarding Word Processing---Lowery, Jayne16/28-
51554BUSN 1305 TN eCampus3Introduction to Business---Staff-
51555BUSN 1310 TN eCampus3Business Communications---Staff-
51801BUSN 1330 01W - ONLINE3Entrepreneurship---Young, Christy11/28-
51686BUSN 1340 TN eCampus3Small Business Management---Staff-
51687BUSN 1350 TN eCampus3Sales and Service---Staff-
51875BUSN 1370 TN eCampus3Spreadsheet Applications---Staff-
51688BUSN 2340 64R TN eCampus3Human Resource Management---Staff-
51145BUSN 2370 01W - ONLINE3Legal Environment of Business---Young, Christy14/28-
51168BUSN 2380 TN eCampus3Principles of Marketing---Staff-
51839CHEM 1110 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term4General Chemistry I---Kappel, Joseph59/60-
51840CHEM 1110 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term0Lab for CHEM 1110---Meek, Casey29/30-
51692CHEM 1110 TN eCampus4General Chemistry I---Staff-
51844CHEM 1120 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term0Lab for CHEM 1120---Meek, Casey21/25-
51884CHEM 1120 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term4General Chemistry II---Klaassen, Joshua21/25-
51535CITC 1300 01W - ONLINE3Beginning HTML & CSS---Callahan, Randall13/24-
51534CITC 1303 01W - ONLINE3Database Concepts---Dunevant, Stacey9/24-
51623CITC 1308 01W - ONLINE3Computer Literacy and Apps---Pigg, Tom4/24-
51775CITC 1332 01W - ONLINE3UNIX/Linux Operating System---Matlock, Lisa10/24-
51540COL 1010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3College Success---Wesson, Billy14/20-
51828COL 1030 01H - HYBRID3College to Career Navigation---Davis, Patrick14/21Jackson
51881COL 1030 02H - HYBRID3College to Career Navigation---Cherry, Jennifer16/20Jackson
51888COL 1030 03H - HYBRID3College to Career Navigation---Cornelison, Steve16/20Jackson
51877COMM 1010 63R TN eCampus3Intro to Mass Communication---Staff-
50617COMM 1010 TN eCampus3Survey Mass Communication---Staff-
51666COMM 2025 02W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Warren-Cox, Kim23/24-
51667COMM 2025 03W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Lackey, Abby22/24-
51668COMM 2025 04W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Warren-Cox, Kim22/24-
51722COMM 2025 05W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Clark, Renee23/24-
51889COMM 2025 07W - ONLINE3Fundamentals of Communication---Ragsdale, Alisa11/24-
51876COMM 2025 TN eCampus3Fundamentals of Communication---Staff-
51655CRMJ 1010 01W - ONLINE3Intro to Criminal Justice---Perrin, Karen9/28-
50618CRMJ 1010 TN eCampus3Intro to Criminal Justice Admi---Staff-
51175CRMJ 1020 TN eCampus3Introduction to Legal Process---Staff-
51561CRMJ 1301 TN eCampus3Correctional Counseling---Staff-
51693CRMJ 1322 TN eCampus3Police Administration and Org---Staff-
51694CRMJ 1330 TN eCampus3Criminal Evidence and Proc---Staff-
51695CRMJ 1340 TN eCampus3Criminal Investigation---Staff-
51696CRMJ 1355 TN eCampus3Understanding Terrorism---Staff-
51878CRMJ 1360 TN eCampus3Intro to Crime Scene Invest---Staff-
51825CRMJ 2010 01W - ONLINE3Intro to Law Enforcement---Perrin, Karen8/28-
50927CRMJ 2010 TN eCampus3Intro to Law Enforcement---Staff-
50619CRMJ 2020 TN eCampus3Corrections---Staff-
51562CRMJ 2311 TN eCampus3Juvenile Justice---Staff-
51563CRMJ 2340 TN eCampus3Investigative Reporting---Staff-
51697ECON 2100 TN eCampus3Principles of Macroeconomics---Staff-
51653ECON 2200 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Principles of Microeconomics---Messer, Terri23/30-
51614ECON 2200 02W - ONLINE3Principles of Microeconomics---Bergan, Nicholas26/30-
51698ECON 2200 TN eCampus3Principles of Microeconomics---Staff-
50285EDU 1120 TN eCampus3Introduction to Teaching---Hickey, Nancy-
51699EDU 201 TN eCampus3Foundations of Education---Hickey, Nancy-
51616EDU 2100 01W - ONLINE3Intro to Special Education---Hickey, Nancy18/28-
51224EDU 2230 01W - ONLINE3Human Growth and Development---Hickey, Nancy24/28-
51444EMSP 2403 01 4Paramedic Capstone--HS 143King, Kevin9/16Jackson
51445EMSP 2513 01 5Paramedic Field Internship---Oxford, Kenneth9/18Jackson
51541ENGL 0010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Lab for Engl 1010---Camp, Mechel11/20-
51863ENGL 0010 02W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Lab for Engl 1010---Camp, Mechel3/20-
51892ENGL 0899 02 - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Writing Preparation---Camp, Mechel6/7-
51866ENGL 0899 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Writing Preparation---Camp, Mechel5/10-
51803ENGL 1010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3English Composition I---Walls, Mark16/18-
50966ENGL 1010 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3English Composition I---Walls, Mark15/18-
51162ENGL 1010 03W - ONLINE 1st half of term3English Composition I---Sweet, Candyce17/18-
51827ENGL 1010 1MW - ONLINE3English Composition I---Mayo, James8/15-
50290ENGL 1010 TN eCampus3English Composition I---Staff-
51389ENGL 1020 02W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3English Composition II---Franklin, Powell14/18-
50968ENGL 1020 03W - ONLINE 1st half of term3English Composition II---Mayo, Liz12/15-
50969ENGL 1020 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3English Composition II---Esquivel, Anna14/18-
51671ENGL 1020 1MW - ONLINE3English Composition II---Mayo, James16/20-
50291ENGL 1020 TN eCampus3English Composition II---Staff-
51700ENGL 2120 TN eCampus3Modern American Literature---Staff-
51701ENGL 2210 TN eCampus3Early British Literature---Staff-
51702ENGL 2220 TN eCampus3Modern British Literature---Staff-
51542ENGL 2310 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early World Literature---Mayo, Liz20/22-
51038ENGL 2310 03W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early World Literature---Sweet, Candyce19/22-
51543ENGL 2310 04W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early World Literature---Rafalowski, Anthony19/22-
51564ENGL 2310 TN eCampus3Early World Literature---Staff-
51370ENGL 2320 02W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Modern World Literature---Esquivel, Anna16/22-
51704ENGL 2320 TN eCampus3Modern World Literature---Staff-
51834ENGR 2120 01W - ONLINE3Dynamics---Smith, Wesley7/20-
51835ENGR 2130 01W - ONLINE4Circuits I---Smith, Wesley6/20-
51836ENGR 2130 02W - ONLINE0Lab for ENGR 2130---Smith, Wesley6/20-
51705FREN 1010 TN eCampus3Beginning French I---Staff-
51879FREN 1010 RD1 TN eCampus3Beginning French I---Staff-
51706FREN 1020 TN eCampus3Beginning French II---Staff-
51880FREN 1020 RD1 TN eCampus3Beginning French II---Staff-
50826GEOG 2010 01W - ONLINE3World Regional Geography---Curtis, Kendrick20/28-
50610GEOG 2010 TN eCampus3World Regional Geography---Staff-
51415HIST 2010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early United States History---Prater, Tammy21/25-
51286HIST 2010 02W - ONLINE3Early United States History---Fry, Billy13/28-
51676HIST 2010 03M - ONLINE3Early United States History---Gundersen, Lawrence12/25-
50308HIST 2010 TN eCampus3Early United States History---Staff-
50418HIST 2020 03W - ONLINE3Modern United States History---Masters, Robert15/28-
50309HIST 2020 TN eCampus3Modern United States History---Staff-
50310HIST 2030 TN eCampus3Tennessee History---Staff-
51617HIST 2310 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early World History---Gundersen, Lawrence24/25-
51707HIST 2310 TN eCampus3Early World History---Staff-
51618HIST 2320 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Modern World History---Rickman, David26/28-
51708HIST 2320 TN eCampus3Modern World History---Staff-
50026HSC 111 01W - ONLINE3Medical Terminology---Gipson, Debra17/19-
51677HSC 111 02W - ONLINE3Medical Terminology---Segebarth, Barbara13/25-
51796HSC 111 05W - ONLINE3Medical Terminology---Harris, Lacee23/25-
51802HSC 190 04W - ONLINE3Intro to Human Pathophysiology---Privette, Tara23/24-
51868HSC 190 05W - ONLINE3Intro to Human Pathophysiology---West Sands, Leslie17/24-
51902HSC 190 06W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Intro to Human Pathophysiology---Vickers, Sherry6/24-
51294HUM 1010 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Early Humanities---Kelley, Andrew21/25-
50321HUM 1010 TN eCampus3Early Humanities---Staff-
51332HUM 1020 TN eCampus3Modern Humanities---Staff-
51432INFS 1010 01W - ONLINE3Computer Applications---Dunevant, Stacey12/24-
50808INFS 1010 02W - ONLINE3Computer Applications---Matlock, Lisa20/24-
51830MATH 0030 01W - ONLINE3Lab for College Math---Curtis, Justin17/25-
51831MATH 0030 02W - ONLINE3Lab for College Math---Pride, Linda14/25-
51832MATH 1010 01W - ONLINE3Math for General Studies---Pride, Linda15/25-
51710MATH 1010 TN eCampus3Math for General Studies---Staff-
51783MATH 1030 61W - ONLINE3Essentials of Mathematics---Britt, Joshua15/25-
51711MATH 1410 TN eCampus3Number Concepts for Teachers---Staff-
50197MATH 1420 01W - ONLINE3Geometry Concepts for Teachers---Manley, Barbara14/25-
51712MATH 1420 TN eCampus3Geometry Concepts for Teachers---Staff-
50198MATH 1530 01W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Britt, Tim23/30-
51737MATH 1530 53W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Li, Jialing23/30-
50326MATH 1530 TN eCampus3Introductory Statistics---Staff-
51202MATH 1630 TN eCampus3Finite Mathematics---Staff-
50518MATH 1710 02W - ONLINE3Precalculus Algebra---Curtis, Justin22/25-
50328MATH 1710 TN eCampus3Precalculus Algebra---White, Kimberly-
50329MATH 1720 TN eCampus3Precalculus Trigonometry---Staff-
50330MATH 1830 TN eCampus3Applied Calculus---Staff-
51833MATH 1910 01W - ONLINE4Calculus I---Britt, Tim18/25-
50651MATH 1910 TN eCampus4Calculus I---Staff-
50652MATH 1920 TN eCampus4Calculus II---Staff-
50936MATH 2010 TN eCampus3Introduction to Linear Algebra---Staff-
50986MATH 2110 TN eCampus4Calculus III---Staff-
51569MATH 2120 TN eCampus3Differential Equations---Staff-
51375MUS 1030 01W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Gray Lemus, Esther13/25-
50092MUS 1030 02W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Gray Lemus, Esther18/25-
50091MUS 1030 03W - ONLINE3Introduction to Music---Overton, Charles15/25-
50403MUS 1030 TN eCampus3Introduction to Music---Staff-
51390PHED 1280 01M 1Walking and Fitness---Cornelison, Steve13/28Jackson
51421PHED 2050 01M - ONLINE3Health and Wellness---Hines, Deron15/25-
50602PHED 2050 01W - ONLINE3Health and Wellness---Hines, Deron24/28-
51356PHIL 1030 01W - ONLINE3Introduction to Philosophy---Senter, Nell15/28-
50336PHIL 1030 TN eCampus3Introduction to Philosophy---Staff-
51882PHIL 1040 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Introduction to Ethics---Provenzola, Thomas20/25-
51713PHIL 1040 TN eCampus3Introduction to Ethics---Staff-
50564PHYS 2010 TN eCampus4Non Calculus Physics I---Staff-
50630PHYS 2020 TN eCampus4General Physics II w/lab---Staff-
50887PHYS 2110 TN eCampus4Calculus Based Physics I---Staff-
50888PHYS 2120 TN eCampus4Calculus Based Physics II---Staff-
51715POLS 1030 TN eCampus3American Government---Staff-
51716POLS 2025 TN eCampus3State and Local Government---Staff-
50344PSCI 1010 TN eCampus4Principles of Physical Science---Cole, Jerry-
50345PSCI 1020 TN eCampus4Principles of Earth/Space---Cole, Jerry-
51458PSYC 1030 01M - ONLINE3General Psychology---Woods, Scott18/25-
50835PSYC 1030 01W - ONLINE3General Psychology---Raines, Bob24/25-
51826PSYC 1030 02W - ONLINE 1st half of term3General Psychology---Woods, Scott22/25-
51883PSYC 1030 04W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3General Psychology---Raines, Bob23/25-
50637PSYC 1030 TN eCampus3General Psychology---Staff-
50638PSYC 2110 TN eCampus3Psychology of Adjustment---Staff-
50938PSYC 2120 TN eCampus3Social Psychology---Staff-
50737PSYC 2130 01W - ONLINE3Life Span Psychology---Minton, Vivian17/25-
51141PSYC 2130 02W - ONLINE3Life Span Psychology---Nathaniel, Clifford11/25-
50639PSYC 2130 TN eCampus3Psychology of Human Growth Dev---Staff-
51621PTAT 2492 01 4Integrated Clinical EducationMTWRF--David, Jane19/20Jackson
51629RADT 1110 01 1Radiographic Image Critique IW12:35pm-1:30pmSC 116Wallace, Karin20/21Jackson
51627RADT 1470 01 4Radiographic Practicum II---Wallace, Karin20/21Jackson
51628RADT 2330 01 3Radiographic Procedures IIIW10:30am-12:25pmSC 116Wallace, Karin20/21Jackson
51637RADT 2330 02 0Lab for 51628W8:00am-9:50amHS 148Wallace, Karin11/12Jackson
51539READ 0010 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Lab for COL 1010---Wesson, Billy10/20-
51486SOCI 1010 02W - ONLINE3Intro to Sociology---Fortner, Emily20/25-
51225SOCI 1010 1W - ONLINE3Intro to Sociology---Fortner, Emily12/25-
50641SOCI 1010 TN eCampus3Intro to Sociology---Staff-
51824SOCI 1011 01W - ONLINE3Intro to Criminal Justice---Perrin, Karen1/4-
50730SOCI 1020 01W - ONLINE3Social Problems---Hopper, Lori12/28-
50644SOCI 2010 TN eCampus3Marriage and the Family---Staff-
50354SPAN 1010 TN eCampus3Beginning Spanish I---Staff-
51867SPAN 1020 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Beginning Spanish II---Maust, John Mark13/20-
50355SPAN 1020 TN eCampus3Beginning Spanish II---Staff-
50356SPAN 2010 TN eCampus3Intermediate Spanish I---Staff-
50357SPAN 2020 TN eCampus3Intermediate Spanish II---Staff-
51774SWRK 2010 01W - ONLINE3Intro to Social Work---Stanford, Jennifer6/28-
51718SWRK 2010 TN eCampus3Intro to Social Work---Staff-