New Business and Computer Science Courses Offered

Jackson State Community College recently added four new courses in the areas of Business and Computer Science. Each of these new courses will be offered beginning in the Fall 2011 semester.

BUS 215 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management

This course gives students the knowledge and competencies they need to start and manage a business of their own. Topics covered include business ethics, preparing a business plan, accounting, finance, management, and marketing, as well as special emphasis on customer service, which is so important in todays competitive business environment.

This course would be excellent for any student with aspirations of opening their satisfies the Professional Component for the AAS Business Studies degree and should be considered in lieu of Bus 111.

CISP 1010 Computer Science I

Programming in C++ will be the focus of this course. The concepts covered in class will begin with introductory concepts and conclude with advanced topics in C++. Programming concepts addressed will include data types, abstraction, classes, objects, file processing, functions, decision statements, iteration, arrays, inheritance, and pointers.

This course meets the previous requirement of CIS 200 for CIS Software developer concentration students.

CIS 216 Seminar PHP/MySQL Programming

Covers how to use MySQL, programming in PHP, and how to dynamically create interactive websites. Prior knowledge of database systems, web design and programming is expected. This course may be used as a CIS elective class in any of the concentration areas.

HIM 201 Introduction to Health Information Management

This course introduces students to the principles of Health Information Management through the understanding of Health Information Technology.

Topics covered are based on the core competencies defined by AHIMA, as well as HIPPA regulations and JACHO recommendations that provide connectivity and applications that make up Health Information Systems of today.

This course is an excellent class for any student interested in the health care field and can be used to satisfy the elective in the AAS Business Studies, AOM concentration area.