JSCC Offers New Special Topics Classes

Jackson, Tenn. — Jackson State Community College will offer several special topics classes this fall for individuals who are interested in taking a class for personal enrichment. The classes are Personal Finance, Southern Women's Narratives and Persuasion and Propaganda.

Personal Finance will provide the student with basic confidence and competence at managing their personal finances. An emphasis will be placed on financial planning, money management, income and asset protection, investments, and retirement and estate planning. The class will be offered on Monday evenings in Jackson from 6 – 9 p.m. Contact Mike Bowen at 424-3520 x476.

The Southern Women’s Narratives class will explore women’s stories from the South during and after the Civil War, 1860-1930, both how they reflect the ideals and values of the South and how they create those ideals and values. The class will be a seminar-type environment with readings and discussion. It will be offered on Monday evenings in Jackson from 6 – 9 p.m. Contact Michele Camp at 424-3520 x355.

Persuasion and Propaganda will examine the way in which we are persuaded by advertising, film, and other media. Participants will discuss the influence propaganda and persuasion has on our decision-making process as we choose between products, political candidates, and issues. It will be offered in Jackson on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:40 to 2:55 p.m. Contact Teri Maddox at 424-3520 x217.

These are credit classes that can be taken by degree-seeking students as an elective or by non-degree seeking students. Admission as a non-degree seeking student requires only that a student have a GED or high school diploma and a completed admissions application. Fall registration is going on now. Classes begin Monday, August 27.

For more information on these special topics classes, contact the professors listed or Jackson State’s operator at 424-3520.