Deadlines Approach for Applications to Allied Health Programs

Deadlines Approach for Applications to JSCC’s Allied Health Programs

Jackson, Tenn. – Students who want to enroll for the fall semester in Jackson State Community College’s five Allied Health programs including Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, Medical Laboratory Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiography, and Respiratory Care Technology should apply now. Deadlines for each of these programs are fast approaching.

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic – June 15
The EMT-Paramedic is a professional EMS Provider. He/she completed the Basic EMT requirements plus the educational requirements for licensure as a Paramedic. The Paramedic Program is a fifteen month program that includes classroom, clinical, and field instruction. Paramedics are responsible for all Basic EMT skills plus Advanced Life Support Skills such as medication administration, endotracheal intubation, ECG monitoring and interpretation, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion, comprehensive patient assessment, and advanced management of medical and trauma emergencies. EMT-Paramedics are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2008 for the fall semester. For more information contact Tom Coley at 731-425-2612 or e-mail or go to

Radiography – June 1
Radiology is the medical specialty involving the use of radiant energy (x-rays, gamma rays, ultrasound, magnetic fields, radio frequencies, radioisotopes and other imaging modalities) to produce images helpful in diagnosis and to treat disease. The explosive growth of technology and knowledge in radiology has created an increasing need for competent radiologic technologists to assist physicians in the beneficial use of imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of disorders. The deadline for applications is June 1. There are positions for students in Jackson, Paris, Dyersburg and Union City. For more information contact Gerald Graddy at 424-3520 x299 or e-mail or go to

Respiratory Care Technology – June 1
Respiratory Care is an Allied health specialty employed in the treatment of patients with acute and chronic disease of the heart and lungs. There is great opportunity for individuals qualified in this specialty due to the high incident of these diseases. The respiratory therapist administers care under the direction of a physician. The therapist evaluates the patient’s progress and makes recommendations for changing therapy. The therapist also responds to emergency situations and provides treatment to patients requiring intensive care. Deadline for applications is June 1. For more information contact Cathy Garner at 721-424-3520 x235 or e-mail or go to

Medical Laboratory Technician – June 15 for Union City, Paris and Columbia
The medical laboratory professional is a key member of today’s health care team. Laboratory professionals have the skills to unlock important medical information that is critical to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Every day, nurses, physicians, and other medical workers depend on MLTs to perform tests on body fluids, interpret the results, and help provide a complete picture of a patient’s health. Using modern biomedical equipment and complicated analysis, MLTs can detect the presence of cancer, identify infectious bacteria and viruses, and measure glucose, cholesterol, or drug levels in blood. Without this precise and valuable information, medicine would simply become guesswork. Laboratory professionals often work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, or private clinical laboratories, performing laboratory tests and monitoring the quality of their results. While the application deadline has passed for students wishing to do clinical instruction in Jackson, students who wish to do clinical instruction at hospitals in Union City, Paris or Columbia can still apply until June 15. For more information contact Pete O’Brien at 425-2612 or e-mail or go to

Physical Therapist Assistant – May 15 of each year
Physical Therapy is a health care discipline that specializes in the care of individuals with impairments, functional limitations, and/or disabilities. The causes of the above may be due to an injury, disease, birth defect or loss of limb. Physical Therapy utilizes scientific and medical principles to prevent, correct, or ease problems associated with injuries and disabilities. There are two types of physical therapy practitioner: the Physical Therapist (PT) and the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). Physical Therapist Assistants are health care professionals who work under the direction and supervision of a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapist Assistants perform physical therapy procedures such as heat and cold treatments, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise, and gait training; and other related task delegated by the Physical Therapist. The procedures and techniques are designed to improve a client’s movement, musculoskeletal function, and to relieve pain or increase strength. Deadline for applications is May 15 each year. For more information or to apply for next year, contact Jane David at 424-3520 x214 or e-mail or go to