Wall Maximizes Time in High School with Dual Enrollment at JSCC

Humboldt native now Milan resident, Luke Wall, is maximizing his time as a Dual Enrollment student at Jackson State Community College (JSCC). The Dual Enrollment plan allows students to earn college credits that count toward both a college degree and their high school diploma. Wall is taking English Composition and Fundamentals of Speech at JSCC. Wall said while challenging, It hasnt been overly demanding and I love to write and both classes involve writing. He names English as his favorite class. I have been writing books, screen plays and songs for as long as I can remember, he explained.

He is pursuing his high school education via home schooling and getting a jump on college credits through the Dual Enrollment program at JSCC. It has been great! Classes work with my schedule and I can get other work I have to do done between classes here, he said. He mentioned his interest in dual enrollment sparking from his sister, Sam, having taken dual enrollment classes at JSCC in the past.

When asked about taking more Dual Enrollment classes, Wall responded, I plan to do this again and to knock out as many classes as possible. I would most definitely recommend it to other students. It is so nice to be around a more mature environment and nice to be around more people I can get along with and communicate with.

Wall said that students considering the Dual Enrollment program need perseverance, character and an ethic to get work done and to do it correctly. He also advised that students should make certain that their schedule allows for it. You need to be able to do your high school course work, your college work and still have time to do what you like to do, said Wall.

And what does he like to do? Just about anything creative. This young man is interested in directing film or recording for a professional studio. He adores music and one can often find him playing his guitar on campus.

He began playing acoustical guitar last year and has been a drummer for three years. While young, he is quite a talented musician. When I was eight or nine years old, I became interested in music. My dad, Paxton Wall, was worship leader at Vineyard Christian Fellowship and he sparked a musical interest in me to play and write songs. Wall also attributes his sister Sams band mate, Tyler Bradley, lead singer and acoustic guitar player from Changing Pace, a Christian Alternative band, as a musical inspiration. Changing Pace opened for Casting Crowns at Atlanta Fest 2011.

On weekends that he has free, Wall goes to Nashville to play for donations from passersby. It can be oppressive when people just walk on by, but then those that stop and listen spike your hope and it makes your heart have more oomph when it beats, said Wall. When he goes to Nashville to play, sister Sams often accompanies him. She plays piano, violin and ukulele.

God has blessed me with being able to write music and play and I am very thankful. I give God all glory for that and thank Him everyday for musical inspiration, he said. While Wall is a Christian, he said he doesnt necessarily play Christian music, but he said his music focuses on virtues, love and persevering through difficult times. He enjoys folk, heavy rock, alternative and acoustic music. He named his biggest musical inspirations as David Crowder and Need to Breath. I want to become a better musician in general, explained Wall.

He plans to pursue his college career upon graduation and is interested in Cinema Production. He has already received scholarship offerings totaling $16,000. When he goes away to college, he will take his Dual Enrollment credits with him, and his memories of Jackson State Community College. This has really been a great experience, he said grinning.