Jackson State Embraces New Convenient & Reliable Refund Method

Jackson State has made the decision to take its student refunds from the paper check method of delivery to a personalized Discover Prepaid Debit Card. Not only does the card represent Jackson State donning a beautiful picture of campus, it brings students a safe, reliable and convenient method of retrieving financial aid refunds.

The card can be used anywhere that accepts Discover card. Students will have the option to use the card as a debit card and get money from an ATM using their pin number, or are able to use the card like a credit card using their signature when they pay. Students can also transfer money from their Discover Prepaid Debit Card to their bank account, or reload their Discover Prepaid Debit Card with additional funds. As an added convenience for students, there is an ATM that is free for students to use in Nelms Classroom building. The card is also accepted at the bookstore.

There is no fee to be a cardholder and no overdraft fees. Students can use the card through their entire educational journey with the ease of knowing that they dont have to stand in long lines for their refund check, then hustle to a bank to cash it, but instead can rest assured that their refunds will be loaded to their card.