JSCC Christmas Float Wins First Place Trophy

A team of Jackson State coworkers and students presented a float in the City of Jackson Christmas parade Monday night, December 2. While there were many hours of work put into developing the concept and pulling all the resources together, the team achieved success by winning the first place trophy for the Civic category.

A team of Jackson State employees worked together over several weeks to build a float for the parade. Team leader Tracy Morton along with several others developed the float on the theme of Christmas through a childs eyes.

The float was set up to represent a house. Santas sleigh and reindeer were on the roof along with a rotating sign with the name of float: Twas the Night Before Christmas. In the house there were three areas that represented the telling of stories by the fireplace, playing games, and sleeping in wait for Santa to come. All of this was orchestrated to the Christmas music of Perry Como playing through the floats sound system.

Those riding on the float included Preston Turner and his daughter Greyson, Joy Weathers and her children Kayla and Cody Bryant and Leann Weathers, Tracy Mortons Daughter Emily, and Lisa Kincaids son Corey Creasey. Tracy Morton drove the truck pulling the float.

JSCC coworkers and students who were instrumental in building the float included Tracy Morton, Preston Turner, Lisa Kincaid, John McCommon, Rachel Hill, Joy Weathers, Cameron Byrd and Rafael Diaz. Congratulations to the team for great success with the project and thanks to the team for their efforts in representing Jackson State Community College. Photo of JSCC float and other winning entries can be seen online at the Jackson Sun http://www.jacksonsun.com/article/20131204/NEWS/312040017/Jackson-Christmas-Parade-winning-entries.