Soup Du Jour Now Serving at JSCC

The wait is over. With the opening of Soup Du Jour, students, faculty and staff now have the option of purchasing a hot meal on campus. Owner Cynthia Manuel is happy to finally have another location of her restaurant open in the Student Union at JSCC. She is confident that everyone will appreciate the product she has to offer.

With the tag line Nothing Fried Inside, Manuel boasts that people can get a hot meal and feel good about the quality of what they are eating. The daily menu will have a number of things that everyone can enjoy. Her signature item, though, is the homemade soup of the day. The soup is hot and fresh and is served with a fresh, homemade cornbread muffin. There will be a different soup everyday, she says. We have 25 recipes in rotation to ensure there is sufficient variety.

Soup Du Jour has other items that Manuel considers to be signature as well. While different sandwiches are offered on a daily basis, the chicken salad on a sweet multigrain roll is something always available. The fruit tea is something that a lot of JSCC people are quickly acquiring as a new favorite. We try to have something on hand that will satisfy most tastes, Cynthia says. There are items such as sausage and biscuit or cereal for a quick breakfast and sandwiches, pizza, and salads for lunch.

Monday, February 24 was the first day of operation. Judging from the reaction of the crowd, everyone seemed to be happy that they were finally open for business. Workers at the caf stayed very busy. The caf will be open Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm.