Local Artist Displays Art at JSCC Library

Savannah, Tennessee artist Arley King currently has an exhibit of his art on display in the Jackson State Library. The work will be on display through December 14.

Born in Selmer, Tennessee in 1956, Mr. King was drawn to art at an early age. Receiving encouragement and inspiration through the years, King’s work is now on display in many galleries and libraries throughout the United States.

The main focus of King’s unusual style is to touch people’s lives and shine a light on those struggling with mental health disorders. He routinely volunteers as an advocate for these individuals and openly shares his own struggle with bi-polar disorder and the impact art has made on his life.

King’s work is striking and very colorful. Integrating many elements and a variety of issues, a number of questions will certainly arise for each person viewing the work.

A reception will be held in the library Monday, November 16 from noon to 2 p.m. King will be on hand to discuss his paintings and answer questions regarding his work.