Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunity at JSCC

The application deadline for the study abroad program at JSCC is quickly approaching. This is a tremendous opportunity to apply for a scholarship that will pay for much of the expense involved for JSCC students to complete coursework in locations around the world including Europe, Asia, South America Eastern Europe, and many more locations.

There are many reasons to consider studying abroad!

  • Experiencing personal growth
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Creating global awareness
  • Enhancing academic learning
  • Learning about another culture
  • Advancing your career

JSCC participates in a study abroad program through TnCIS along with other Tennessee community colleges. All of the programs take place in the summer between May 5 through the end of July. Most of these programs last three weeks.

Interested students should talk with their advisors about how a course abroad might fit into their degree plan.

TnCIS ( Application Deadlines:

  • Dec. 3 Application EARLY deadline
  • Feb. 11 Application regular deadline

For more information, please email:

View the study abroad video: