JSCC faculty release the Honors Program Reading Recommendations

Now an annual tradition, the honors program of Jackson State Community College publishes a list of faculty-recommended books for students, staff, and peers to read over the summer break. This year’s list is made up of 25 selections.

A special reception was hosted by the honors program Wednesday morning, April 24 in the library. A number of students, faculty, and staff come together to review the books and talk about their favorite reads.

“The ‘Honors Program Summer Reading Recommendations’ was created as a not so subtle way to encourage students to read more books,” said Dr. Bob Raines, honors program coordinator. “We believe reading can be a profoundly enriching experience, a worthwhile leisure activity, and a valid way to pursue knowledge and understanding about our physical, social, and psychological worlds.”

The list is compiled at the beginning of the spring semester with faculty members submitting their recommendations. Copies of all books on the list are purchased by the JSCC library and are available to be checked out. The list can be found at www.jscc.edu/readinglist.

“This is an interesting way to get to know more about our colleagues by having a window into their reading preferences,” said Raines. “It has become my go-to list when I am looking for the next book to read.”