Campus Safety increased with emergency contact stations

Jackson State Community College recently installed 3 emergency contact stations around the Jackson campus. The stations are strategically located in parking lots and allow for ready access to campus police who will respond to assist students and guests with any possible issues.

“The contact stations are part of an overall plan to increase the safety and security for our students,” said Shane Young, JSCC police chief. “The initial installation was for 3 stations, but there are plans for additional stations in the coming months.”

According to Young, there have been multiple efforts in play to update security at JSCC. In 2013, the college established a jurisdictional police department. There are always at least two officers on duty during the times when classes are scheduled. Surveillance of the campus is continually being expanded. More recently, the locks on all of the classroom doors have also been updated to allow for students to be secured and prevent a possible intrusion.

“We are making every effort to be proactive and plan for the best possible outcome should an event ever happen,” said Young. “We have been blessed that there have been no issues to have caused us to make these changes.”

The emergency contact stations are a visible indication of the college’s efforts to increase security. “We want students to know that we are here to help and that they can always count on us to be there for them,” said Young. “Additionally, we hope students will let us know about things that are suspicious or don’t look right. With their help, we can keep the JSCC campus the safe place that generations of students have come to know and love.”