JSCC administration commits to social equity amid social unrest

In light of the social unrest that is playing out across the country and the world, the administration of Jackson State Community College acknowledges and reaffirms our commitment to justice and believes that the institution needs to take a more active role in addressing the racial inequities that exist in the communities of West Tennessee. Dr. George Pimentel, the newly appointed president of Jackson State, sees this as a top priority as he assumes the leadership position on July 1.

“The death of George Floyd and the resulting public response has made the issue of social injustice in our society an undeniable reality,” said Pimentel. “We must open a dialogue in our campus communities, acknowledge the legacy of systemic racism, and commit ourselves to make Jackson State Community College a place where every member of our community feels truly welcomed.”

Pimentel states that he is committed to the creation of an environment that promotes racial literacy. “We will work to have open discussions in our classrooms and to create intentional spaces for students to discuss these issues,” said Pimentel. “We must do everything we can to eliminate the vestiges of racism from our institutions and society.”

As an Achieving the Dream institution, Jackson State has worked on the premise of creating equity for its students so that the dream of educational success can be a reality for all students. Dr. Pimentel notes that the ideal of social equity will now take precedence in helping our students achieve their dreams of educational success.