HSC 160 Laboratory Supervision and Management

This online course is designed to present a review of the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective laboratory supervisor. Topics to be included are: motivation, delegation, time management, stress management, communication, employee selection and evaluation, budgeting, workload recording, etc. (Prerequisite: Previous laboratory experience, Medical Technologist (MT or CLS) Certification, and permission of the MLT Program Director)

This 3 credit hour course will offer the Medical Technologist the opportunity to earn 45 of the 60 required hours toward their State of Tennessee Supervisor's License.

This is a totally online format course using eLearn as the authoring tool.

The student should fill out an JSCC admissions application.

The student will need to purchase the textbook entitled:
Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes, 2nd Ed. Denise M. Harmening, PhD.
F. A. Davis Publishers.

The overall cost of the course would total approximately $450.00.

  1. Medically-related experience
  2. Knowledge about the profession
  3. Well planned goals and future
  4. Communication ability