Basic EMT Certification

Technical Certificate of Credit

Contact Information
Kenneth Oxford, EMT Program Director
(731) 424-3520 ext. 50348

Program and Career Description

The EMT Program is delivered through a combination of classroom instruction (didactic and psychomotor) and clinical experience. Upon successful completion of the course, students are eligible to sit for the National Registry's written and practical examinations. Upon successful completions of examinations and other licensure requirements, the student will be eligible for the State of Tennessee EMT license. The EMT renders life support to patients at the scene of their injuries or illnesses and prepares these patients for transport to the hospital.

Career Experienced Salary
Emergency Medical Technician $28,990+

Salaries are not guaranteed. Data provided by Jobs4TN 

Students enrolling in the EMT program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted to the college
  • ACT of 19 in English, Math, and Reading or Learning Support Completed
  • Meet other admission requirements as stipulated in the Rules of the Tennessee Department of Health, Bureau of Health Licensure and Regulation, Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • Advanced placement is not available for this program

Students successfully completing the requirements listed below with a minimum of 2.00 cumulative quality point average may earn the EMT Technical Certificate. Upon successful completion of the program, the National Registry of EMT exam will be made available. This exam is required to progress to the Advanced EMT level or higher.

Course Title Credits
EMSB 1601 EMT Medical Emergencies and EMS Operations 6
EMSB 1602 EMT Trauma and Medical Emergencies 6
EMSB 1101 EMT Medical Skills Lab 1
EMSB 1102 EMT Trauma and Medical Skills Lab 1
EMSB 1111 EMT Clinical 1
EMSB 1112 EMT Field Internship
  Total Credits 16

Accreditation Information

The EMT Program is authorized by the Division of Emergency Medical Services of the Tennessee Department of Health. Jackson State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.