Private Loan Information

Jackson State Community College DOES NOT participate in the Federal Direct Loan Program or the Parents' Loan for Undergraduate Students (Direct PLUS) program.  However, JSCC does work with lenders that offer private educational loans to eligible students. The information included herein is minimal, so please contact the lender for additional information and for an application or Promissory Note .

IMPORTANT! All students are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if they may be eligible for federal or state grants, which are much more favorable than private loans.

  • There are several lenders that process private student loans.
  • You are not required to use a certain lender. 
  • You are applying for a PRIVATE loan. 
  • Private loans are credit-based loans.

JSCC does not have a preferred arrangement with a private loan lender.  Below is a list of some of the lenders from whom our students have borrowed from in the past.  You are free to choose any lender who provides a private loan, even if they are not listed below.

Sallie Mae Student Loans - 1-866-972-5004  Disclosure Information
REGIONS BANK - 1-800-858-7822  Disclosure
KHEAA - 1-800-928-8926  Disclosure

  • Visit the website for the lender of your choice to apply for a PRIVATE LOAN
    • Once you have completed the online application, you will receive an approval or a denial based on your credit history.  The lender may ask for other documentation (pay stubs, employment history, etc)
  • Private loan checks are sometimes made out to Jackson State and the borrower.
    • The Business Office will ask you to provide two forms of identification, then they will ask you to endorse the check so that it can be put on your student account.
    • The disbursement date is the date that the lender mails the check, not the date that you will have funds.
  • The Business Office will use the loan check as the payment for the balance on your student account.  If the loan check is more than your balance, or if you do not owe a balance on your student account, the Business Office will issue a refund via check (mailed to your home address), or via direct deposit (if you have chosen this method).  This may take 5-7 days.
  • Your loan amount may be adjusted by the JSCC Financial Aid Office
  • Loans will not be processed for more than one academic year at a time
  • Private loans take approximately three weeks to process    

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Loans

Title IV Loan Code of Conduct

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