Dual Enrollment

Welcome to Jackson State Community College’s (JSCC) Dual Studies website for high school students.

JSCC proudly partners with school systems in its 14 county service area to provide high school students Dual and Joint Enrollment opportunities for high school students to earn college credit. That credit in many instances is also used to satisfy high school diploma requirements.

Dual Enrollment awards both high school and college credit while Joint Enrollment awards college credit only. Courses are taught by qualified instructors and may be taught either at the college, the high school or through a distance learning format.

Students and parents should be aware these courses are designed for the traditional college age student and adults. The student may be exposed to content, language, discussions and education approaches appropriate for adults.

The Dual Studies program also includes Dual Credit which is credit awarded based normally upon exam and is taught at the high school by high school teachers.

Many students and parents are not aware dual credit and dual enrollment are two different ways to earn college credit.

Please, carefully evaluate all Dual Studies options to determine the best pathway for you. Do not hesitate to contact the college if you have questions regarding the options.

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