Technical Certificates of Credit

A technical certificate of credit recognizes skill proficiency in a specific specialty and it is offered as part of Jackson State's service role to business and industry.

Academic Certificates

An academic certificate recognizes completion of general education courses.


Admission Requirements

Students who wish to take courses on a limited basis for credit but who are not pursuing a degree at Jackson State may be admitted under Special Admission.

Students may enroll in Academic Certificate programs while concurrently enrolled as a degree-seeking student in academic degree programs.

Residence Requirement

Certificate programs require that you attend Jackson State for one (1) se- mester immediately preceding the completion of a program of study, and at least one-third of the total certificate hours must be at Jackson State.

A student may apply credit earned in a technical certificate to A.A.S. degree requirements but 15 of the final 24 semester hours of the A.A.S. degree (exclusive of Learning Support requirements) must be completed after enrolling in an the A.A.S. degree program.

If a student enrolled in a Technical Certificate program wishes to change to A.A.S. degree-seeking status, additional admission and graduation requirements must be satisfied.

Educational Requirements

A 2.00 QPA is required for graduation.

Course Requirements

Upon successful completion of courses listed for the certificate, a student will receive a Technical Certificate of Credit.

Graduation Proposal Requirements

A student must complete requirements set forth for the certificate sought and file a Graduation Proposal no later than the date indicated in the Academic Calendar preceding spring graduation. Students ordinarily are allowed to graduate under the requirements of the catalog under which they entered, provided graduation is within seven years of entrance date.