Patient Care Technician

Technical Certificate of Credit

Contact Information
Chrystal Taylor
(731) 424-3520 ext. 50330

Program and Career Description

The Patient Care Technician Certificate Program is designed for students pursuing an entry position in a medical facility. After the completion of the certificate program students are eligible to take the Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant (CPCT/A) Certification Exam given through the National Healthcare Association.

Program Requirements

ALHS 1010 Introduction to Health Sciences
PLBT 1300 Phlebotomy
PLBT 1301 Phlebotomy Clinical I
AHSC 1310 EKG/Soft Skills
AHSC 1200 Certified Nursing Assistant
AHSC 1210 Certified Nursing Assistant Lab

Projected Income

Patient Care Technician - $19,690+
Salaries are not guaranteed. Data provided by local employment data

Sample Schedule

1st Year, Fall Semester
Number Course Name Credits
ALHS 1010 Intro to Health Science 3
ALHS 1200 Certified Nursing Assistant 3
ALHS 1210 Certified Nursing Assistant Lab 3
ALHS 1310 EKG/Soft Skills 3
  Total Credits 12
1st Year, Spring Semester
Number Course Name Credits
PLBT 1300 Phlebotomy 3
PLBT 1301 Phlebotomy Clinical 3
  Total Credits 6