Informal Resolution

The first step a student should take in resolving a concern or complaint is to directly address the faculty member, staff member or student in question. There may be some cases in which a student might feel uncomfortable directly addressing the faculty or staff member. If this is the case, the student should speak to the academic dean in the case of a faculty member, or to the supervisor in the case of a staff member. If the issue is with another student, and the student with the concern is uncomfortable addressing the other student, he or she may contact the Dean of Students or Director at your off-campus center. If there is no resolution at that level, the student may file a formal, written complaint.

Formal Resolution

Students who have attempted informal resolution to their complaints and need further resolution may file a formal complaint. Students should fully complete and submit the electronic student complaint form. This form will be submitted to the appropriate vice president over the area in which the student has a concern. The vice president (or designee) will conduct an investigation within 10 working days of receiving the complaint. The vice president (or designee) will communicate the outcome of the investigation to the student in no more than 30 working days of receiving the complaint.


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