Financial Aid Office Information

Phone:  (731) 425-2605 or
1-800-355-5722, ext. 52605.

Fax:  (731) 425-9554                   

Mailing Address:
Jackson State Community College
Attn: Financial Aid Office
2046 North Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301

Office Location:
The Financial Aid Office is located inside the Student Center.  

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Financial Aid Office is to provide support services necessary to offer financial assistance opportunities to students based on academic achievement, demonstrated financial need, or specific eligibility criteria. To accomplish this stated purpose, the financial aid staff will:

  • Coordinate the administration of financial aid programs through a central office to insure consistency in awarding aid and the most efficient use of available funds

  • Administer the operation of the Financial Aid Office in accordance with state, federal and institutional guidelines

  • Publish information regarding financial aid programs, policies, eligibility criteria, application procedures and cost of attendance

  • Help students seek, obtain, and make the best use of all financial resources available

  • Provide financial aid counseling for current and prospective students

  • Award aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need except where funds are specified for recognition of special talents

  • Make every effort to meet the demonstrated needs of all students to the extent funding will permit in an ethical manner

  • Exercise adequate controls to insure that need-based awards do not exceed documented financial need

  • Respect the confidentiality of student records

  • Provide students not offered financial aid with the specific reason(s) for denial and, to the extent possible, assist students in finding alternative sources of funding

  • Encourage staff participation in training programs that develop skills needed to serve students more effectively

  • Conduct periodic reviews of the institution’s total financial aid process and physical facilities in order to serve students and the institution better

Vision Statement

As an integral part of a dynamic, learner-centered institution, the Financial Aid Office is committed to providing financial assistance opportunities to our community, while ensuring integrity and excellence.

Financial Aid

Jackson State Community College offers comprehensive student aid services to prospective and current students. The college provides student aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and work positions.  The JSCC Financial Aid Office staff will assist you with grant application completion and will furnish information about the availability of federal and state student aid and scholarships.

Student aid comes in two forms: financial need-based aid and merit-based aid. The federal government and the State of Tennessee provide need-based funds in the form of grants and student employment.  Jackson State offers merit-based aid in academic and athletic scholarships.

Application deadlines are critical when you seek any kind of financial assistance. Students should begin applying for all types of aid as soon as possible EACH YEAR. Do not delay in your pursuit of student aid because most funds are limited. Prospective students applying for federal aid must apply for admission to Jackson State Community College as a degree-seeking student.

Financial Aid Philosophy

Our goal is to provide quality and courteous service.

The United States Department of Education believes the student and parent/spouse (whichever is applicable) have the primary responsibility for funding higher education. The U.S. Congress thus limits the amount of aid available to students.

However, the Jackson State Community College Financial Aid Office staff is dedicated to helping you pursue every avenue of student aid possible. We encourage you to contact us if you want additional information about any of the programs listed in this site. Please call to have one of our staff members assist you.