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Admission Process

Step 1: Apply for Admission

There are two ways to apply:

Online Application: Submit your application electronically.

Paper Application: Print the paper application version.

Mail, fax or deliver your application to: 

Admissions Office
2046 North Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301-3797
Phone: (731) 425-8844
Fax:  (731) 425-2653

Dual Enrollment students: For more information, please contact the Recruiting Office at (731) 425-2601.

Step 2: Determine Correct Placement Exam

Jackson State uses the ACT and Accuplacer exam to assess your level of academic preparation.  These placement exams help determine if you are ready for college-level coursework.  Your enrollment status and age determine which placement exam is needed.

Transfer students

Depending on the courses previously taken, the Accuplacer test or ACT scores may be required. Normally, previously earned credit in a college level English and Math or having an earned degree waives any testing requirement. Please see the Admissions Office for your personalized testing requirements.

New, Degree seeking students

Under age 21...

should take the ACT exam and have the official scores sent to Jackson State.  Only ACT test scores taken within the last five years, may be used for placement purposes.  For more information about the ACT, visit


21 and over...

with no prior college credit take the ACCUPLACER test.  This exam assesses your skills in reading, math and writing. Check for ACCUPLACER test dates and times.

Non-degree seeking students are not required to take a placement exam!  However, in order to be eligible to enroll in certain classes, a placement exam may be required.

Step 3: Submit Required Documentation

  • Official Transcripts - Degree seeking students must provide the following official documents:

    • High school transcript, HiSET or GED scores. Students who earn special education diplomas or certificates of attendance are not admissible to JSCC.
    • Transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities

    To be considered "official" documents, transcripts/scores MUST be sent from the sending institution directly to Jackson State. Student copies and fax copies cannot be considered "official."

  • Hepatitis B Waiver: First-time students will complete an on-line Hepatitis B Information Waiver form indicating you understand the medical implications of Hepatitis B at the time of registration. Students under 18 years of age will need their parent(s) to complete and return a paper copy of the Hepatitis B Information Waiver Form.
    • Proof of MMR vaccine - You must submit proof of receipt of two doses of the MMR vaccine prior to the first day of classes for your first semester as a full-time student at JSCC. You will only be allowed to register as a part-time student if you don't meet this requirement. The MMR vaccine must have been administered on or after your first birthday. You do not have to meet this requirement if one of the following applies to you:
      • You were born before January 1, 1957
      • You graduated from a Tennessee public or private high school in May 1999 or thereafter
        • If you graduated between May 1979 and December 1998, you are only required to provide proof of the second dose of the MMR.
      • You attended a Tennessee public or private school in grades K-12 after July 1, 2001
      • You provide a signed statement that your religious tenets and practices prohibit the receipt of any type of immunization (parents must sign if you are under age 18)
      • You provide a physician's statement certifying you are allergic to the MMR vaccine
      • You provide written documentation from a physician indicating you have a diagnosed case of MMR
      • You have documentation showing MMR immunity
      • You are classified as active duty military personnel and provide proof of your active duty status
      • You were previously enrolled as a full-time student at a TBR college or university for at least one full semester after August 1, 2007
    • Proof of Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination/immunity- This requirement is satisfied by one of the following:
      • Date of birth before January 1, 1980
      • History of virus diagnosed by a healthcare provider (physician, advanced practice nurse, physicians assistant) to whom the illness is described, or a positive blood test (titer) showing immunity to varicella.
      • Documentation of 2 vaccine doses given at least 28 days apart (excluding doses given earlier than 4 days before the first birthday).
  • Out-of-State Residency: Students classified as out-of-state for tuition fee purposes may appeal that decision by submitting a Residency Application to the Admissions Office.