Buying Course Textbooks

How do I know what books are needed for my class? 

The JSCC bookstore will have all the information you need to purchase your books. These are ways to find out what books you need:

  1. You can take a copy of your schedule to the book store.
  2. Check with your guidance counselor or JSCC Dual Enrollment
  3. The book information can be found on the book store website - you’ll need the course information from your schedule (e.g., ENGL 1010 -01W). The last two or three numbers and letters is the course section.
  4. While looking at the Student Detail Schedule in your jWeb account, choose the Buy All of your books option below your schedule in the bottom left.

Where should I buy my books?

Purchasing from the JSCC bookstore ensures you get the correct books needed for your course(s). However, you are not required to buy from the bookstore. Many students buy from online retailers.

If you prefer to purchase the book from an online retailer, be sure the book is the exact same required book. Be cautious; some required books have materials specific to JSCC or required online access codes and cannot be purchased online. To ensure you’re purchasing the correct book, use the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) listed with the book title, edition, and author.