Student Support

Jackson State's goal is for its students to succeed - whether it is academic success or otherwise. All services listed on this page are free to our students to use any time.

Your success is up to you - but we've got your back.

Academic Support

New Student Orientation (Orientation)
Great Expectations is Jackson State's student orientation and registration program. We strongly believe that getting a great start to college is essential to your success. This is why we require all new and transfer, degree-seeking students to attend one of our conveniently scheduled sessions before they start their first semester.
Academic Assistance Center (AAC)
The Academic Assistance Center offers 60 computers for student use and provides tutoring for any student in almost any subject.
Math Lab
Jackson State's Math Lab is an enhanced learning support math program that prepares students for their own educational goals whether they involve beginning a program of study in a field that requires advanced mathematics, completing a general education mathematics course, or applying for admission to JSCC nursing or allied health programs.
Each student is assigned an advisor who provides assistance with class scheduling, degree planning, and lends academic advice. Students are free to schedule a session with their advisor any time during the semester.
Embedded Librarian
An Embedded Librarian serves as a research coach and is available online, by phone or in person. The Embedded Librarian is there to ensure student success in assignments that involve library research.
Computer Labs
Jackson State has 6 open computer labs across our campuses offering over 160 computers dedicated for student use staffed by lab assistants to provide any aid needed.

Non-Academic Support

Counseling is available to any JSCC student who is experiencing problems with stress, academic problems, depression, financial distress, or any other factor that could interfere with their academic success. Career counseling is also available.
Whether a student needs a part-time job while in school or a full-time job after graduating, Placement Services works to help them find employment. Job interview and résumé writing seminars are also offered.
Cash Course
Great resources free to JSCC students to help you work on a personal budget, debt recovery, paying for college, and the best ways to handle your money.
Veteran's Affairs
Veterans and their families are eligible for assistance through Veteran's Affairs including registration assistance and financial aid.
Disability Resource Center
The Disability Resource Center ensures that students with disabilities have every opportunity to succeed. Staff will serve a liaison between people with disabilities and JSCC faculty, staff and students to make sure all services, facilities, and training are provided.
Resources for Students Experiencing Housing Insecurity or Homelessness
Students lacking secure housing or are homeless will be given the resources to take advantage of financial aid, applicable off-campus resources, other housing options and services.