Fees and Tuition Information

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Fees should be paid during registration each semester. You will not be admitted to class without having met your financial obligations to JSCC. Please make payments by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express) for the amount due.  You may do so via jWeb, at the main campus or any of our satellite campuses (Lexington, Savannah or Trenton location).  

Registration for courses means that the student assumes responsibility for paying all tuition and fees associated with your student registration. It is the responsibility of the student to drop courses or withdraw from the College by the published deadlines. The student is responsible for all charges even if you did not attend any classes if you do not follow the correct drop and withdraw deadlines.

Although all charges are due and payable in full at the beginning of each term, only students in good financial standing at JSCC may request the deferment of up to 50% of their tuition and fees for the fall and/or spring semesters. The deferred payment plan is not available for summer terms. To be eligible for the deferred payment plan, each participant must have a balance of $400 or more and be prepared to make a minimum down payment of 50% of the tuition and fees allowed for deferment. All financial aid awarded and disbursed (including loan funds) must be applied toward payment of tuition and fees before a deferment plan will be considered. The amount deferred will be payable in three monthly installments to be determined each semester by Business Services.

According to the Tennessee Board of Regents’ policy of Payment of Fees and Enrollment of Students 4:01:03:00, if a student pays his/her tuition in full or the first installment payment by a check that is later returned for insufficient funds (NSF), the student will be withdrawn from classes. When Business Services receives a returned check for any other payment, the student will be notified through one certified letter and charged a $30 fine for the returned check. The student will be denied grade reports, transcripts and future registration privileges including schedule changes until the dishonored check is redeemed.

Returned checks must be cleared in Business Services with cash, cashier's check, money order, or debit/credit card. All fines, as with any debt to the college, must be paid before re-enrolling for future semesters. Students whose checks repeatedly are returned may be requested to pay all further financial obligations with cash.

The Tennessee Code Annotated, TCA 49-9-108, states that all colleges and universities of the State College and University System are authorized to issue diplomas, transcripts or grade reports only after the student involved has paid all debts or obligations owed to the college or university including, but not limited to, college bookstores, libraries, food service centers, etc.

Jackson State Community College will no longer mail paper bills. Bills will be sent electronically to student accounts where they can be accessed electronically through j-web.

Delinquent accounts are referred to a collection agency and credit bureau. Any account referred for collection will not be eligible for the deferred payment plan in future enrollment periods.

As results, no student may re-enroll, graduate, or receive a transcript or grade report until all financial obligations (such as returned checks, drop/add fees, library fines, traffic fines, etc.) are paid.

No checks will be accepted within two weeks before the last day of classes each semester unless the student has a paid fee slip for the next semester.

For a breakdown of fee and tuition charges please visit our the Tuition & Fees page.