Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lottery Scholarship

The Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship program is administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) and is funded by the Tennessee Lottery Education Act.  There are four scholarships within the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program available to JSCC students:

  1. Hope Scholarship
  2. General Assembly Merit Scholarship (GAMS)
  3. Aspire Award
  4. Hope Access Grant (Access)

The application for all lottery scholarships is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

In order to allow sufficient time for processing, we suggest the following application deadlines for the lottery scholarship:

  • July 1st - fall semester
  • Nov 1st - spring semester

However, JSCC will continue to process lottery scholarships through the following state deadlines:

  • Sept 1st - fall semester
  • Feb 1st - spring and summer semesters

These are lottery deadlines only.  Please refer to Financial Aid Deadlines for all other deadlines.

Lottery Forms and Links

How to Change the Institution for Lottery
Making this change online is faster, and is the preferred method for changing the institution.  If you are unable to change the institution online, you can print the Change of Institution form, complete the form, and bring it to the Financial Aid Office.

TN Promise, TN Reconnect and TN Lottery Appeal / Leave of Absence Request form
This form can be used for either the TN Promise scholarship or the TN Lottery scholarship.  Use this form to request permission to drop and/or withdraw from courses PRIOR to doing so.  You can also use this form to request a Leave of Absence.  If you failed to follow proper procedure (requesting prior permission to drop and/or withdraw, or take a leave of absence), you can use this form, along with an explanation of your failure to request prior permission.

Notification of Grade Change
Use this form to notify our office of a grade change.  This must be done within 30 days of the grade change.TELS Policies and Procedures
Explanation of policies & procedures

TELS Regain Form
Use this form to request regain of scholarship (ONE-time option which can ONLY be used at a benchmark semester)

TELS Repeat Form
Use this form to utilize a repeat grade (ONE-time option;  DO NOT complete until the repeated grade is known)

TELS Appeals and Exceptions Process
Visit the TSAC website for more information