Admissions FAQ

Why should I apply to JSCC early?

  • You'll be prepared to register for the open registration date.
  • You might qualify for more scholarships by submitting the paperwork early.
  • You will have more time for advising in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • The courses you need to take may still be open. If you wait, classes begin to fill.

Where do I start?

Follow this link to begin the process: Apply for Admission 

I'm not sure about a major.

Our Student Services staff will be happy to help you examine career options and available majors. You can choose from Internet searches, take a career interest inventory, or talk to our knowledgeable staff about local or national career trends. Our faculty also have a wealth of knowledge about career trends and potential transfer to universities.

I'll need funding to help pay for school.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (731) 425-2605 to learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Also, check out the Financial Aid webpage.

I'm too old to start school. I just know I can't do the work.

The average age of JSCC students is 27. Whether you're 18 and just starting your educational journey, or 50 and retraining for future opportunities, JSCC can be your springboard to success.

I didn't do well in high school. -or- I'm a GED recipient. -or- I did well before in school; will JSCC challenge me?

JSCC is a multi-faceted educational resource that works to assist any student who needs to enhance skills, or to prepare and challenge the most advanced student. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. JSCC is not only where you begin, but where you can begin again in higher education in West Tennessee.

Do my JSCC credits transfer? Will my degree make me more marketable?

JSCC is fully accredited by SACS, the agency that accredits colleges and universities in the southeast. Our allied health, nursing and technology programs have earned national accreditation as well. Universities, colleges and the military actively recruit JSCC graduates. In fact, some colleges in the area offer transfer scholarships to JSCC graduates. The Professional and Technical Studies area works diligently to assist career program graduates with placement after graduation. 

Jackson State Community College students who plan to transfer to a four-year university in Tennessee to complete a bachelor’s degree have a guarantee that their credits will transfer to any Tennessee public university and many private universities if they follow the course requirements for any one of the majors listed among the Tennessee Transfer Pathways for that university. Learn more about Tennessee Transfer Pathways.