Confirmation Placement Test

Due to COVID-19, Confirmaation testing is being scheduled directly with the Academic Assistance Center.  Please contact the Academic Assistance Center to schedule an appointment at 731-425-2614.

Test Location:  Main Campus, Academic Assistance Center (Above the Library)

Cost: $5.00 per subject or part to confirm ACT or ACCUPLACER scores
(Note: All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable)

This series of tests is offered before each semester for students who wish to confirm their ACT or ACCUPLACER assessment in math, reading and/or writing. Students are encouraged to confirm their placement.  However, you may confirm a Learning Support/Lab class only one time.  If you earned a grade (F, PR, W) in a Learning Support/Lab class, you cannot retest for that class; you must re-take that class to remove the grade. 

Past experience shows that students who prepare for the Confirmation test have a good chance of testing up a level. Students who do not prepare usually do not move up.  Therefore, there is a mandatory one week waiting period between the ACCUPLACER and Confirmation test.

Learning Support/Lab:  Students who tested into Learning Support/Lab may take a Confirmation test in an attempt to move into Learning Support or into college-level courses.


  1. Review test dates provided below.  Check with the Lexington or Savannah Centers for their testing dates and times.
  2. Schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  You will need your J-number and phone number.   NOTE:  The 24 hours does not include the weekend.
  3. On test day, arrive 15-20 minutes early to pay your fee in the Business Office in the Administration Building. 
  4. Bring your receipt and an acceptable form of ID (driver’s license, state or federal photo ID or a JSCC ID) to the Academic Assistance Center located on the 2nd floor of the Library Building and check-in.  At this point, all cell phones must be completely turned off!

Next, you will be issued a locker in which to place your cell phone, electronic devices, hat, personal items, and any extra papers you may have.  You will be given scratch paper and a pencil that must be collected at the end of the test.  An onscreen calculator will be available for you to use.  No personal or physical calculators allowed.

You have until the last test day prior to the first day of class to confirm a Learning Support/Lab class and you must honor the one week waiting period between tests.  Students may test only once.

Helpful Information:

  • Accuplacer Study Resources (Practice materials, study guide and app) Review Next-Generation Reading, WritePlacer, and Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics for math.
  • The Math test covers basic math and algebra. (multiple choice and untimed)
  • The Reading  Comprehension test measures you ability to understand what you've read. (multiple choice and untimed)
  • The WritePlacer measures your ability to write effectively.  (1hr. 20 minute timed essay)
  • ACT study guides are available at area bookstores and libraries.
  • Review and Test Prep Sites: 
  • The Office of Advising will be open if anyone has any scheduling changes that need to be made after the testing is complete that day.

Students requesting special testing must make a request in advance by contacting the Academic Assistance Center at (731) 424-3520 ext. 50479 and must have accommodations approved through the Disability Resource Center.