Message from the Chair

Thorne Barbour

I am honored to serve as the Chair for the Foundation.  Serving as a board member, I have learned so much and just what it takes to provide a quality education and place of higher learning.  With my fellow board members, we strive to champion the foundation to best support the students and the institution through projects and fundraising initiatives.  No one person is responsible for the success of the financial resources we are in charge of.  It truly takes this group of volunteers that are willing to give their time and experience.

Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.

Roy T Bennett, author

Donors have and continue to make contributions to allow us to move forward in the world we call “continuing education” and provide to those that are trying to better themselves through education, whether a student or an instructor.  We couldn’t do it without those that feel a very special connection to Jackson State Community College themselves, a family member or a friend.  Our donors have entrusted me and our board to oversee their generous donations and to make the right decisions on how these funds are to be used.  I thank them for this opportunity.  I pray not to disappoint.  

I invite you to contribute to the Foundation as a donor, volunteer or both!   We look forward to hearing from you or at least visit the campus and see how you can contribute.

Thank you,

Thorne Barbour, Chair
Foundation Board of Trustees


The Foundation was formed in 1977 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation to raise and administer funds to support the mission and enhance the growth and development of Jackson State. Foundation funding provides for scholarships, programs, capital improvements, equipment and facilities, and other projects for which institutional funds are either not available or are in short supply.


Our purpose is to provide hope and opportunities so that JSCC students, their families, and our communities are transformed.  We support our purpose by raising funds to provide access to higher education and workforce development training to West Tennesseans.  Our goal is to never turn a potential student away.

Please take a moment to explore the links that appear on this page to find out more about Jackson State and our development programs. The information contained here is not comprehensive. If you need further details simply contact our office via any of the methods listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.