Below are the JSCC Foundation Scholarships available to students.  For more information on each or to apply, visit our Financial Aid website.

Non Traditional Student

  • Dr. Kent Jones Scholarship
  • Lexington/Henderson County Project Success Scholarships
  • Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

Memorial Scholarships

  • Allana Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
  • Hazel Culver Memorial Scholarship

Non Program Specific

  • Dr. Billy Wesson Scholarship
  • Hubert Mercer Scholarship
  • Kastner Scholarship
  • Mary Jo Boehms Scholarship
  • Town & Country Scholarship

Business & Industry

  • Credit Professionals International Scholarship
  • Haywood Scholarship
  • Linda Mays Memorial Scholarship
  • Manufacturing Industrial Group Scholarship
  • West Tennessee C.P.A. Scholarship

Communications & Humanities

  • Jerry Hardison II Memorial Scholarship
  • Innovation Scholarship

Computer Technology

  • Computer Services Scholarship
  • Durward Denley Scholarship

County Specific

  • Con T. Welch Scholarship (Hardin)
  • Haywood Scholarship
  • John J. Ross Scholarship (Hardin)
  • Lexington/Henderson County Project Success Scholarship
    • Scholarship for High School Graduates
    • Dislocated Workers/Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
  • Libby Bevis Jerrolds Scholarship (Hardin)
  • See also - Manufacturing Industrial Group Scholarship (Henderson)


  • Math and Science Scholarship

Natural Sciences

  • Agriculture Scholarship
  • Jerry and Carol Cole Scholarship

Nursing & Health Sciences

  • A.L. Middleton, Jr. Medical Lab Technician Scholarship

  • Brandenburg Scholarship

  • Brooks Metts Scholarship and Jesse Jones Scholarship

  • Chyanne Scott Scholarship
  • Harold Stephenson Memorial Scholarship

  • Henry Co. Medical Center Scholarship

  • Independent Radiology Associates

  • Jane and Jonas Kisber Scholarship

  • Julie Kay DeVersa Nursing Scholarship

  • Marian Jury Bateman Scholarship

  • Neta & Bill McKnight Radiology Scholarship

  • Occupational Therapist Scholarship
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Scholarship

  • RAD Tech Loans and Scholarship

  • Respiratory Care Scholarship
  • Stephanie Hurt Britton Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  • Virginia Fiorvanti Scholarship Fund

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Tennessee Juvenile Court Services Scholarship