Other PLA Options


  • If you have taken your ACT in the last 5 years, you may be eligible for college level credit for English Composition.
  • ACT English score of 28 or higher can be granted ENGL1010
  • ACT English score of 31 or higher can be granted ENGL1010 and ENGL1020

State Wide Dual Credit

Statewide dual credit provides academically challenging high school courses which are aligned to postsecondary standards. Students have the opportunity to earn credit that can be applied to any TN public postsecondary institution. Tennessee high school and postsecondary faculty work together to develop the learning objectives and a challenge exam for each course, which are tied to current postsecondary expectations. All statewide dual credit courses are approved by the Consortium for Cooperative Innovative Education before they can be offered as a part of the state‚Äôs current pilot program (see Public Chapter 967) for more information). -----Link to website 

State of Tennessee - Statewide Dual Credit

Local Dual Credit

Jackson State Community College partners with high schools within their 14 county service area to offer local dual credit opportunities in PHED 2050 Health and Wellness, BUSN 1300 Personal Finance, COL 1010 College Success, and CITC 1308 Computer Literacy.  Additional local dual credit options may be available.  Students have the opportunity to earn credit that may be applied at Jackson State.  Faculty at the college train high school faculty on the learning objectives for each course and provide challenge exams or comprehensive grading rubrics to determine if credit may be awarded (minimum grade of 70 required). For more information regarding local dual credit, contact Jennifer Cherry at jcherry@jscc.edu or 731-425-8822.