Dual Enrollment Grant

The Dual Enrollment Grant program is defined as a grant for study at an eligible postsecondary institution that is funded from net proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to students who are attending an eligible high school and who are also enrolled in college courses at eligible postsecondary institutions for which they will receive college credit.

The Dual Enrollment Grant program is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. This program provides opportunities for students to earn an initial technical credential or a semester of college credit free of tuition and fees, while still pursuing a high school diploma.

Dual Enrollment Grant Funding Requirements:

  1. A student qualifies to receive the Dual Enrollment Grant by meeting the admission requirements of the institution the student plans to attend and by applying for the grant as a resident of this state as a high school junior or senior.
  2. Students may enroll at two-year or four-year eligible postsecondary institution and continue receiving the Dual Enrollment Grant for up to ten (10) lifetime courses by maintaining all eligibility requirements and achieving a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA for all postsecondary semester courses attempted as a recipient of the grant.

To be eligible, the student must:

  1. Have completed all the academic requirements of the 10th grade (high school sophomore) and be classified as an 11th grader (high school junior) or 12th grader (high school senior) by the student’s high school.
  2. Complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Grant application on-line by the deadline date as indicated below;
  3. Meet admissions criteria for dual enrollment for the postsecondary institution to which the student will enroll as a dual enrolled student;
  4. Enrollment at the postsecondary institution requires no minimum number of semester hours, no minimum high school GPA requirement, and no minimum ACT/SAT requirement.
  5. Not have already received a high school diploma, revised General Education Development (GED) diploma or HiSET;
  6. Be attending an eligible postsecondary institution. Click Here for listing.
  7. The grant is available for the summer terms, prior to graduation from high school.

Credit Hours and Grade Average Determination Rule

1. The grade point average is the numbered grade average calculated using a 4.00 grading scale, calculated to the hundredth decimal.

2. Courses in which a student enrolls as an audit student for which no college credit will be received cannot be paid with a Dual Enrollment Grant award.

3. Semester hours attempted under the Dual Enrollment Grant program grant shall not count toward the total semester hours attempted at postsecondary institutions for purposes of Tennessee HOPE Scholarship eligibility.

          a.  Dual enrollment courses attempted while in high school will not reduce the student’s HOPE Scholarship award amount in college.

6. The corresponding grades for the postsecondary credit hours taken as a dual enrollment credits shall not be included in the postsecondary cumulative grade average for purposes of the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship program.

Application Deadline

Two-year and Four-year Eligible Postsecondary Institutions: