Getting the Process Going

For the Student With a Documented Disability

We are here to do everything within our power to assist you toward success at Jackson State. But first we need to know that you want our help.

It is your responsibility as a student to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature of your disability to our Disability Resource Center (DRC) staff.

Intake Forms to Get Things Started

Please complete the following two forms, and upload them using the link below or bring them to the DRC in the Student Center, to start the process. Also, upload or bring current documentation (from an evaluation done preferably within the last five years) of your diagnosis from a qualified health care provider. Please see "Recommended Documentation for Disabilities," in the menu to your left.

Disability Intake Form

Disability Confidentiality Agreement Form

Disability Resource Center Accommodation Procedures

The DRC - located in the Counseling and Career Services Office in the Student Center - is available to help students and prospective students with documented disabilities. The Dean of Students or their designee can arrange in-class accommodations and work to facilitate campus access.

 Information regarding these services appears in the college catalog/student handbook, in each course syllabus, the JSCC website, and is referenced in each new student Great Expectations orientation program.

 *No accommodation is given prior to the point of student disclosure, verification and accommodation agreement with the instructor. Accommodations are not retroactive.

 The procedure to receive accommodations:

  1. The student contacts Jackson State’s DRC and completes the office’s intake forms.
  2. The student provides medical and/or psychological information, preferably no more than five years old, from a health care provider within the scope of practice. The information should include the evaluation results and diagnosis.
  3. The student meets with the Dean of Students or their designee to review the documentation and the student’s needs and history.
    • Decisions about appropriate accommodations are made on an individual basis considering functional limitations caused by the disability as they relate to requirements in individual courses and/or programs.
  4. Upon determination that adjustments are warranted, the Dean or their designee gives the student an “Accommodation Agreement Form” designating recommended accommodations for each class in which the student seeks assistance.
  5. The student meets with the instructor(s) and discusses the accommodation parameters, details the agreed upon parameters on the “Accommodation Agreement Form,” and signs the agreement.
    • This should be done with sufficient notice for the instructor to arrange accommodations in a timely manner. The student is not required to disclose their specific disability to the instructor.
  6. The student and the instructor each keep copies of the completed form, and the student promptly returns the original to the Dean or their designee.
  7. If there is disagreement concerning accommodations between a faculty member and a student, the Dean shall be contacted and included in the discussion as a mediator. Further assistance may be pursued through the Vice President for Student Services.
  8. The student may appeal decisions made during this process by following the grievance procedure in the current Jackson State Catalog/Student Handbook.
  9. The college has a right to seek additional medical/psychological evaluations paid for by the college, but must provide disputed accommodations until such information is obtained.
  10. The student attends class and utilizes the allowed accommodation(s) as they choose.