Come Back to JSCC!

Apply for a grant, and return to Jackson State Community College this summer, tuition free! Select one of the following choices to get back on track for a great year at JSCC.

A limited number of emergency relief grants have been made available to Jackson State Community College students who have experienced unforeseen hardships due to COVID that have negatively impacted their educational success. The grant will pay the tuition for up to two classes during the 2021 summer semester.

To qualify, applicants must be a returning or continuing JSCC student who, due to COVID:

  • Dropped out of college; or
  • Took fewer than 12 hours; or
  • Failed a course

Select if you are a first time or returning student whose grades or course load were not negatively impacted by COVID.

Select if you dropped out due to COVID, Completed fewer than 12 hours per semester. because of COVID, or failed classes due to the online learning environment during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.

Select if you were unable to enroll in the number of classes desired (or were unsuccessful in those you attempted) and you will complete less than 12 total hours for the 2020-21 year due to COVID.