AMT Co-op earns national award for Program of Promise

Feb 5th, 2024

Jackson State Community College’s (JSCC) AMT Co-op will be awarded the Program of Promise Award during the 48th Annual NOSS (National Organization for Student Success) Conference.

NOSS, an organization serving as the leading voice in support of student success nationally and internationally, created the Programs of Promise: Outstanding Program Recognition to acknowledge programs that set excellent examples of supporting student success and development. The award ceremony will take place during NOSS’ 2024 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, February 14-17.

“Our AMT Co-op is one of the many programs at Jackson State that are a pillar of excellence for not only our institution, but for our community and its graduates,” said JSCC President Dr. Carol A. Rothstein. “For many, this co-op has been life changing, providing hands on experiences that pay students while in school. This opportunity, paired with our outstanding instructors, has led to a significant rise in the enrollment and retention rates of our ENST and AMT programs. I applaud our AMT co-op for this outstanding accomplishment and the exceptional efforts to support student success at Jackson State.”

The JSCC AMT Consortium was formed as a solution to the skills gap, declining enrollment, and lack of interest in manufacturing seen in 2012. When the first AMT Co-op cohort was established, 12 manufacturers participated in the consortium. In the years since, the consortium has now grown to 80 people from 38 companies, local leadership, educators, students, graduates, and JSCC faculty and staff.

Thanks to industry partnerships and grants, the co-op has been able to successfully implement several changes to optimize student success. Since 2014, JSCC has added more than $1.8 million in upgrades and support for the co-op to promote student success. New labs were designed and updated based on the essential input of Industry partners as to what skills a successful technician needs in the field.

The co-op has been designed to improve student success through a combination of classroom learning and hands on experience. The program allows students to attend classes two days a week and, if selected, the other three days a week they work in a partner manufacturing facility as a maintenance technician. The co-op also prioritizes professional development efforts to ensure students receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills from JSCC’s faculty and staff. Community service is also an important aspect of the co-op’s drive to improve student success, with required student volunteer hours in at least one activity each semester, with most students get involved in multiple projects.

“The AMT program at Jackson State Community College has consistently demonstrated its commitment to student success, community engagement, and the promotion of manufacturing as a viable and fulfilling career path,” said Vicki Bunch, the Chief Workforce Development Officer for the Greater Jackson Chamber, in her recommendation for this award. “I am confident that their dedication to excellence will continue to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape and the manufacturing industry.”

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