Chancellor's Commendation for Military Veterans Honors Veterans at Jackson State Community College

Nov 12th, 2021

Military veterans at Tennessee's community and technical colleges are being honored in Veterans Day activities this week. And one veteran at each college will be awarded the Chancellor's Commendation for Military Veterans.

Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor Flora W. Tydings established the commendation last year to honor the service, bravery and sacrifices of veterans in campus communities. The awards are presented during Veterans Day ceremonies, observances or recognitions that the TBR colleges traditionally conduct.

The Chancellor's Commendation is conferred in the form of a specially designed Challenge Coin. Challenge coins are a tradition in all branches of the military, signifying special achievement, excellence, hard work, unit pride, respect and esprit de corps.

Recipients of the Chancellor's Commendation were nominated by their college presidents. This year's recipients include 14 Soldiers, 9 Sailors, 7 Airmen, 6 Marines and 1 Coast Guardsman. "These 37 men and women represent the spirit and values of our colleges - student success, academic excellence, courage in adversity, and service to campus and community - and the highest ideals of military service," Tydings said.

"All military personnel take an oath in which they solemnly swear or affirm to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. That defense of our great nation requires tremendous sacrifice. Our college communities are strengthened by the presence, experience and perspective of veterans and active-duty military personnel - as students, faculty, staff and alumni. They are an important part of the great diversity of people and backgrounds on our campuses. We're glad they're here, and we're privileged to honor their service - not only on Veterans Day but all year long," Tydings said.

Veterans can receive ongoing services and support at TBR colleges to help them make the transition, achieve academic success and earn their degrees.

Underscoring their commitment to veterans, 11 Tennessee community colleges have earned VETS Campus certification as established under the Tennessee Veterans Education Transition Support (VETS) Act enacted in 2014 by the state legislature.

"It is an honor and a privilege to serve Veterans on our campus." said JSCC President George Pimentel. "Jackson State Community College takes pride in giving back in a small way to those that served our country."

To earn VETS Campus certification, an institution must prioritize outreach to veterans and successfully deliver services necessary to create a supportive environment where student veterans can prosper while pursuing their education. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has certified 28 colleges and universities as VETS Campuses. Certification is reviewed annually.

"The Tennessee Board of Regents is fully committed to the academic success of our veterans. The faculty, professional staff and senior leaders on all campuses and at the system office are dedicated to serving all veterans and military personnel, who bring a wealth of training and experience to our institutions," said Dr. Robert M. Denn, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs and veterans service officer at TBR.

Today Jackson State Community College had the privilege of honoring the 2021 recipient and JSCC Chief of Police, Shane Young. Chief Young served in the National Guard. Additionally, the College honored the 2020 recipient of the Chancellor's Commendation for Military Service Dr. Billy Wesson, Professor in Reading, who served in the Army. Both recipients served their country and continue to serve their community in great ways.

Recipients of the 2021 Chancellor's Commendation for Military Service, their association with the college, and their military branch of service are:

Community Colleges

  • Chattanooga State: Robert Shelton, Staff, Air Force

  • Cleveland State: Martin Frey, Student, Navy

  • Columbia State: Virginia Massey-Holt, Faculty, Army

  • Dyersburg State: Michael Brooks, Faculty, Army

  • Jackson State: Steven Young, Staff, National Guard

  • Motlow State: Adam Boyd, Student, Marines

  • Nashville State: Katrina Dubree, Staff, National Guard

  • Northeast State: Eric Stanton, Faculty, Air Force

  • Pellissippi State: Darris Upton, Alumnus, Navy

  • Roane State: Jason Rutledge, Student, Coast Guard

  • Southwest Tennessee: Gary Stephens, Staff, Navy

  • Volunteer State: Tiffany Zwart, Staff, Marines

  • Walters State: Cody McFarland, Student, Army

Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

  • TCAT Athens: Shad Simms, Student, Air Force

  • TCAT Chattanooga: Chad Mix, Student, Navy

  • TCAT Covington: Stephen Shutler, Faculty, Navy

  • TCAT Crump: Christopher Dunbar, Alumnus, Army

  • TCAT Dickson: Salvatore Evangelista, Faculty, Army

  • TCAT Elizabethton: Ernest South, Faculty, Air Force

  • TCAT Harriman: Larry Weatherly, Faculty, Marines

  • TCAT Hartsville: Charles Justin Kimbrell, Alumnus, Air Force

  • TCAT Hohenwald: Randy Young, Staff, National Guard

  • TCAT Jacksboro: Phillip Lay, Faculty, Navy

  • TCAT Jackson: Richard Kutschman, Faculty, Navy

  • TCAT Knoxville: Jim Ford, Staff, Air Force

  • TCAT Livingston: Blake Keylon, Alumnus, Air Force

  • TCAT McKenzie: Austin Chapman, Alumnus, National Guard

  • TCAT Memphis: Augustene Weston, Staff, Army

  • TCAT Morristown: Spate Anthony, Student, Marines

  • TCAT Murfreesboro: Charles Vaughn, Faculty, Army

  • TCAT Nashville: Scott Grier, Faculty, Navy

  • TCAT Newbern: Christopher Sherron, Faculty, Navy

  • TCAT Oneida/Huntsville: Dan Kelly, Student, Marines

  • TCAT Paris: Jeffrey Shinholster, Alumnus, Army

  • TCAT Pulaski: Michael Clark, Student, Army

  • TCAT Ripley: Nicholas Hayes, Student, Marines

  • TCAT Shelbyville: Paul Burk, Student, Army

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