Chrystal Taylor recognized by Rural Health Association at Annual Conference

Jan 24th, 2024

Jackson State Community College’s (JSCC) Chrystal Taylor was recently presented the 2023 Collaboration Award at the Rural Health Association’s (RHA) 29th annual conference.

The RHA’s annual conference was held this past year in Knoxville, TN on National Rural Health Day to honor the healthcare professionals working to improve access to high-quality healthcare throughout rural Tennessee. Every year, the RHA holds the Rural Health Awards Luncheon during the conference to recognize the outstanding achievements, contributions, and accomplishments of healthcare works and educators across rural Tennessee.

Among the award recipients recognized at the conference was Chrystal Taylor, Assistant Professor and Chair of JSCC’s Health Science department. The Collaboration Award recognizes an individual as an example of exceptional collaboration with others for the betterment of rural health in Tennessee. Taylor was awarded this achievement due to her collaboration with the RHA to develop a grant for JSCC’s Medical Coding program.

“Chrystal’s continued excellence through her program reinforces the efforts and values of JSCC as a whole,” said JSCC’s president Dr. Carol Rothstein. “We’re proud to have outstanding educators such as Chrystal who offer their experience and expertise to the future generations of West Tennesseans. I congratulate her on this wonderful achievement!”

The Medical Coding grant, first awarded in September 2022 through a collaboration between Taylor, the RHA’s Workforce Development Team, and other community leaders, now offers the program $1.7 million in funding over four years. This grant has become a valuable resource for JSCC’s health science students. Not only has the grant’s funding been used to advance the education of JSCC students entering the healthcare industry, but it has also helped provide training to current industry professionals looking to further their education.

“It was incredible to attend RHA’s conference in November and hear about the hard work and dedication of the healthcare professionals and educators in attendance,” said Taylor. “Seeing the impact our work has made and the devotion to improving our students’ education was a rewarding experience – in more ways than one. I am truly humbled and honored to receive this recognition.”

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