Jackson State Community College Joins Council on Military Transition to Education (CMTE)

Feb 22nd, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 22, 2022

Jackson, Tenn. (February 22, 2022) - This month, Jackson State Community College accepted its invitation to join the national Council on Military Transition to Education (CMTE). The CMTE is a consortium of select institutions of higher learning that has the mission to provide recommendations to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other relevant organizations on policies and practices related to military service members and veterans in higher education. The CMTE works to improve the early engagement of service members participating in postsecondary education and facilitates research related to improving their experiences as they transition to and through higher education while serving in the military or as veterans. Paul Morgan, Jackson State's recently appointed Dean for Students and a retired Marine, will assume the chair of the CMTE later this month. Morgan said, "Making the transition from the military to college can be challenging. As a member of the council, Jackson State has a voice to help West Tennessee veterans entering and progressing through college."

To learn more about Veterans Affairs at Jackson State Community College visit jscc.edu/veterans.

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