Maintenance and Custodial

Mission Statement

The mission of the Physical Plant Department is to provide support for the Jackson State Community College mission by keeping physical facilities in good condition. Physical facilities are the most costly tool in the education process, and maintaining them in a safe and secure condition is representative of our department ideal. The community, school staff, and students are empowered by the achievement of this ideal, thus providing the mission support that is required. To meet these needs, our department has set various goals.


  1. Economics: We will provide proper maintenance to reduce repair costs, save energy, and extend the life of the facility.
  2. Attractiveness: We will provide proper maintenance focusing on the aesthetic quality of the facility promotes positive student and staff morale.
  3. Environmental Conditions: We will proper maintenance and planning to create healthful conditions for all persons who use the buildings and grounds.
  4. Continued Use: We will provide proper scheduling of maintenance to assure that the facilities can be used each day as needed.
  5. Protection of Property: We will provide proper maintenance to protect the taxpayer's public investment in all JSCC facilities.