Occupational Therapy Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What courses do I need to take prior to applying to the OTA program?
A: You need to complete all basic and developmental courses/Learning support Classes. Anatomy and Physiology I must be completed with a C or higher within the last 5 years to receive credit.

Q: What General Education courses are required prior to the OTA Program?
A: Other than AP I, the required general education courses can be taken with the OTA required classes. It is preferred to have these courses completed prior to applying to allow students to focus on OTA specific courses. The following Gen Ed courses are required: English Comp I, General Psychology, Fundamentas of Communication, and a humanities course (Please see JSCC catalog)

Q: Is there a minimum GPA required to apply to the OTA Program?
A: Yes, the minimum for all students is a 2.5

Q: When can I apply for the OTA Program?
A:  applications which can either be obtained from the web or from the Health Sciences office should be available from March 1 and must be turned in no later than June 1 of the year you wish to be admitted to the OTA Program

Q: Are observation hours a requirement for admission to the program?
A: Observation hours are no longer required. Applicants will need to watch a series of videos within the application online portal and complete attestation to watching.

Q:  Can I go into an OT Program after I have completed the OTA Program?
A:  Technically, yes; however there is no real advantage to having gone through the OTA Program prior to admittance to an OT Program. This will not increase your chances of acceptance to an OT Program nor will it meet the prerequisites for an OT Program. The OTA Program at JSCC is a terminal degree program designed for the student who does not wish to seek a bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of the OTA Program, the student will receive his or her Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Q: Will I be notified if I don’t get an interview?
A: Yes

Q: If I do not get an interview, will you review my file and tell me why?
A: No, given the expected large number of applicants, it is impossible for us to address individual student questions. We will provide as much general information in the letter as possible to help you determine the rationale.