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PTA Admissions Information

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program has specific admission requirements because of its limited enrollment.  Students seeking admission to the PTA Program must submit separate applications for admission to Jackson State Community College and for admission to the program.  The applications must be submitted by the June 1st deadline.  Application for admission to the PTA Program is considered for one application period only.  Students who wish to be considered for admission to the next entering class must submit a new application.  24 students are admitted to the program each fall semester. 

2021 Spring Information Session

The 2021 Spring Information Sessions will be virtual through Zoom. Please make plans to join us!  You will learn more abou the PTA program and its application process.   Join us for another session on April 20 AT 7:00 PM.

**Zoom link for Spring Information Session**

I. Application Information

II. Admission Requirements and Procedures

A.  Application Requirements 

1. Obtained full admission status to JSCC for the fall semester that follows the PTA application cycle.  See JSCC Admissions Requirements.  You must have an official NetLogon with the college in order to complete the program's application process.

2. Fulfilled the following academic requirements:

  • Have a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale if no college credits OR an overall college GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.  NOTE:  A grade of a "C" or better is required in all PTA degree coursework including the general education that may be taken prior to applying to the program. 
  • Additional math and science preferred but not required.  A college level Medical Terminology course is also recommended but not required. 

3.  Submitted a complete PTA program application packet through the electronic portal by June 1.  The link for the application WILL BE AVAILABLE BEGINNING MARCH 29, 2021.  Observation requirements must have also been completed by the June 1 deadline and the evidence forms must be uploaded in the application portal.  Copies of high school and college transcripts must also be uploaded in the PTA application portal.  PLEASE UPLOAD ALL THESE DOCUMENTS AS PDFs, DO NOT UPLOAD JPEGs (pictures).  NOTE:  Applicants who are reapplying to the program as the result of withdrawal or dismissal from the program at a past date must contact the program director for specific readmission requirements.  Standard program admission requirements do not apply.     

4.  In addition, due to the rigor of the PTA program and the competitive nature of the applicant pool it is recommended that applicants complete most or all general education coursework required for the degree prior to applying to the program.  NOTE:  The required science coursework for the degree, Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOL 2010), Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL 2020), and Survey of Physical Science I (PSCI 1010)  must have been taken within the past 5 years in order to receive credit.  Additional natural science coursework is recommended but not required.  A college level course in Medical Terminology is also highly recommended prior to applying to the program but not required for admission. 

Average acceptance rate 2018 - 2020 = 41%.  Average matriculation rate 2018 - 2020 = 100%.    

B. Observation Requirements

Submit documentation of twenty-four (24) hours of volunteer experience in at least two physical therapy departments.  The form provided above MUST be used for this.  Prior work experience in a physical therapy department/setting may be used for 12 hours of this requirement, however, an additional 12 hours of observation or volunteer experience MUST be obtained in at least one other setting.  NOTE:  This experience must be completed under the direction of a PT or PTA and MUST HAVE BEEN COMPLETED WITHIN THE 12 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE SUBMISSION OF THE CURRENT APPLICATION. 

C. Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are scheduled for those applicants who best meet and/or exceed the minimum requirements. The number of applicants interviewed will not exceed three times the number of available program positions. The interviews will be scheduled by the program director and will be held on the college campus in early June. There will be 20 - 30 minutes allowed per interview.  Applicant interviews are conducted by clinical faculty and other area clinicians.  Applicants are judged in the following areas:  1) knowledge of the physical therapy profession and the PTA career, 2) motivation/commitment to learning, 3) interpersonal/communication skills, 4) critical thinking and problem solving skills, and 5) professional behaviors.  

D. Physical Requirements

Good health and physical ability are highly recommended for PTA students.  Students who are selected for admission into the program must present a physician's statement verifying that, in that physician's opinion, the student has no mental or physical handicaps which would interfere with the expected performance of a PTA in a clinical setting. The college will supply the student with a letter to present to the physician describing the Essential Functions which include requirements that students be able to engage in educational and training activities in such a way that they will not endanger themselves, other students, or the public, including patients. Documentation of the following health records must be complete before enrollment in clinical courses: TB skin test, Hepatitis B vaccination, MMR, tetanus.

E. Drug Testing and Criminal Background Checks

It is the requirement of all of the program's clinical education sites that students will be required to submit to drug testing and criminal background checks before placement into clinical education.  Positive or adverse results/findings on such may interfere with student placement in clinical rotations and further result in program dismissal.

III. Notification

Applicants whose applications meet the deadline will be notified in writing of their application status by July 1.