eBooks: Digital Engagement Initiative (DEI)

The DEI program connects an e-book or access code directly to classes so that students have access to their course materials from the first day of class. DEI materials are added to its course as an additional course fee and no additional materials need to be purchased for that course. Students have the option to opt out of keeping their DEI e-books if they prefer to acquire printed books from the bookstore or another vendor. The short video (above) will demonstrate how to access JSCC email, set up a Follett account and opt in or out of DEI materials. Approximately two weeks before classes begin each semester, students will receive an email from Follett with an invitation to the Follett Customer Portal. From this portal, students can review DEI materials and opt out or in.

Students who opt out of DEI materials on one or more of their courses will have the course materials fee removed from their student account and will need to purchase books and materials for those courses. Opting out will delay a portion of Pell Grant or other anticipated refunds up to two weeks into the start of the semester for processing time.

Questions about the DEI program should be directed to the Jackson State bookstore at jocobb@follett.com or 731-425-2650. For payment information, contact JSCC's Business Office at businessoffice@jscc.edu or 731-425-2603. Questions about accessing eBooks can be directed to your instructor.

Jackson State Community College and Follett, the college bookstore, have partnered to deliver the Digital Engagement Initiative (DEI), which provides e-books and access codes to students. The DEI program is a system wide initiative of all 13 community colleges in the The College System of Tennessee. The primary goal of the DEI program is to minimize student cost for books and materials and providing timely access to materials that are compliant with the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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DEI is the Digital Engagement Initiative. A partnership between Jackson State Community College and Follett Bookstore that offers you lower priced digital options on books and learning materials you will need for class.

The Jackson State interactive schedule website provides DEI information by course. You will receive an email to your Jackson State email address prior to the start of the semester listing your classes participating in the DEI program.

You can access your digital books by signing in to eLearn 2 weeks before your class start date and selecting the Bookshelf (Follett) tab at the top of your toolbar.

eLearn can be found by clicking the jWeb link on the JSCC website, then choosing the JSCC eLearn box.

screenshot of jweb showing elearn link

You may access the eLearn homepage at any time. However, your digital book will appear 2 weeks before your class start date. Your class will not appear in eLearn until the start date.

Not at all. You can opt out of your digital book within the first first week of class. If you have never used this student portal before, you will create an account using your Jackson State email address and select “opt out” on any materials you do not want to keep. **Disclaimer** Opting out of some materials could be costly to cover on your own and/or greatly affect the outcome of your final grade. We recommend speaking to your instructor or a Jackson State Bookstore representative before opting out.

This is the cost of your digital materials added to your account.

Refunds are paid after the 7th day of the start of term. You may receive your refund electronically through an eRefund

Yes, there is a 7-day window starting on the first day of class. You may opt back in on the same student portal you opted out of, or go to the Jackson State Bookstore for assistance.

Before switching a class, be sure to opt out of any digital course materials that are connected to the course to ensure you will not be charged. Some charges may still apply contact the Jackson State Business Office for more information.

Before dropping a class, be sure to opt out of any digital course materials that come along with it to ensure you will not be charged. Some charges may still apply contact the Jackson State Business Office for more information.

Most access codes are on the DEI program. Please see your instructor for your class code. A separate account using your Jackson State email address may be required to use your access code

Please contact the Distance Education Help Desk.

Please contact the Jackson State Bookstore or contact the Help Desk located in the Bookstore.

Jackson State has installed a print control system on all campus printers. Each semester, students are allotted 450 printing pages. Once a student exceeds that amount (or their print job pages exceeds the amount), the print job will cancel and direct the student to Business Services to add additional funds to their account.

Yes, certainly. However, printing pages from your digital course materials deducts from your student printing account. The Bookstore offers loose leaf copies of digital course materials at minimal cost compared to printing.