OIT Scholarship Application

Please complete one form for each course scholarship for which you are applying and submit the form by clicking on the Send button below.

The "Course Name or Number" must be specified and must agree with a qualifying course name or course number from the current Jackson State Community College Catalog. A qualifying course is any computer hardware or software course offered at Jackson State except CIS-101 and Regents Online Degree Program (TN eCampus) courses.

Please remember that a letter of recommendation is also needed for you to be considered for this scholarship.

The success of your Computer Services Scholarship application is based solely on your written request in the final entry of the form below.

Remember, the OIT Scholarship will be awarded based on the reason you want to take the course and on no other criteria. Tell us in 100 words or less "Why You Want To Take The Course Which This Scholarship Will Pay For" if awarded to you. Style and structure are not as important as the reason you want to take the course, be specific. Do not include any reasons based on age, race, gender, financial need or GPA or other identifiable status. Identifiable status is not considered in making awards for the OIT Scholarship Fund.

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