OIT Scholarship


The OIT Scholarship Fund seeks to increase the number of students enrolling in selected computer courses at Jackson State Community College in Jackson, Tennessee. The OIT Scholarship is overseen by a committee made up of full-time employees of the Jackson State's Office of Information Technology Department.

To help accomplish our goal of attracting more students into computer classes at Jackson, OIT will award one $250.00 scholarship per semester to a degree-seeking Computer Information major taking computer courses (excluding Computer Literacy and Apps and any Regents Online Degree) at Jackson State. All degree-seeking Computer Information majors are eligible for the OIT Scholarship award.

To apply for the award a student must submit a short statement explaining "why they want to take a specific computer course" and a letter of recommendation; that's all that is required. The application must be made by the electronic application form. Students who do not have easy access to a web enabled computer may use one in the Jackson State Library. The letter of recommendation should be brought to the Office of Information Technology on the second floor of the main Classroom building room 246E or may be mailed to:

Jackson State
OIT - Attention OIT Scholarship Recommendation
2046 North Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301

Please read this entire document before continuing with the application. This paragraph is intended as a summary only and important information is discussed in other sections of this document.

Qualifications for the OIT Scholarship Award

Every student who is a degree-seeking Computer Information major is eligible for the OIT Scholarship award so long as they apply for the scholarship. The final determination for the award will be based solely on the written statement of the student as to "why they want to take the specific computer course" and the letter of recommendation, however, when a determining factor must be used to select between comparable applicants, the course title may be used to determine which applicant is awarded the OIT Scholarship. For purposes of determining by course title who will receive a OIT Scholarship award, courses such as Computer Programming Languages, Operating Systems and Networking will receive favored status.

The student must submit the OIT Scholarship Application Form which includes their written statement why they want to take the specific course. Their statement must not exceed 100 words in length and must not include any "status based qualifications" such as age, race, sex, financial need or religion, among others.

Criteria for Award

The OIT Scholarship will pay an award of $250.00 for any computer course except Computer Applications (INFS 1010) and Regents Online Degree Program (TN eCampus) courses. INFS 1010 is exempted because it is a course for all degrees at Jackson State. Any student, regardless of status, will be awarded the scholarship based solely on their written request which must be made using the OIT Scholarship Application Form and the recommendation letter. Applicants that receive any funding by other means for their books and tuition will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Amount of Award

For the student who receives the OIT Scholarship award the scholarship amount will be $250.00. The student may apply more than once for the scholarship, but is not guaranteed it more than one semester.

Deadline for Application

The award period will be Fall and Spring semester at Jackson State Community College, i.e. there will be no awards for any summer sessions.

Fall Semester Deadline: The deadline for the Fall Semester will be August 1st, with awards being made the first week of August.

Spring Semester Deadline: The deadline for the Spring Semester will be December 1st, with awards being made the first week of December.

Method of Award and Notification

The OIT Scholarship award will be in the form of a "Letter of Award" that will be mailed to the recipient. This letter must then be presented to the Jackson State Business Office for payment on your account.

How to Apply

You may apply only by completing the OIT Scholarship Online Application Form and sending in a letter of recommendation.

Contact Information

The OIT Department is located in the main Classroom building in room 246E. You may call (731) 425-2640 and speak with a OIT Scholarship committee member or email oit-scholarship@jscc.edu for more information.

Source of Funds

Funds for the OIT Scholarships are raised by the Office of Information Technology Department at Jackson State through its own participation and through solicitation of the campus at large. Contributing members of the OIT department are OIT Scholarship committee members. Other contributions are actively solicited, please contact the OIT department for more information.

Although you may contact us through any of the methods listed above you may only apply for a OIT Scholarship via the web using our OIT Scholarship Application Form. If you would like to send us comments or questions please use the Feedback Form if possible rather than email or other means of contacting us, it will make it faster and easier for us all. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the OIT Scholarship Fund please contact the department and ask how you can become a contributor.