Agriculture Courses

AGR 141 Fundamentals of Horticulture Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None
Co-Req: None
Horticulture industry and its contribution to world economy; theoretical and practical aspects of plant growth and development; principles and techniques of plant propagation; pruning and control of growth. Application and use of plant growth regulators in horticulture. Production, storage, processing and marketing of horticultural plants and products.

AGR 242 Intro to Pesticides Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None.
Co-Req: None.
Manufacture, regulation, marketing, and use of pesticides. Structure, mode of action, toxicity, degradation, safety, and environmental impact of pesticides commonly used. Biological, chemical, and non-chemical approaches and their effectiveness in controlling pests. This course serves as preparation for materials covered on the Pesticide Applicators certification exam.

AGR 250 Intro to Agricultural Sales Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: ACT MATH 19, ACT READ 19, ACT ENGL 18
Co-Req: None.
Principles of selling food, agricultural, and other industrial/institutional products in wholesale and retail outlets. Topics include developing business-to-business selling techniques, farmers market, technical product distribution, wholesale and retail financing. Cooperative advertising, group selling, specification selling, personal selling and technical business plans.

AGRI 1010 Introduction to Agri Business Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None.
Co-Req: None.
Agricultural economics and other social sciences as they relate to agricultural business. Concepts are illustrated in terms of selected current social and economic issues in the industry of production agriculture, agricultural business, and computer applications.

AGRI 1020 Intro to Animal Sciences Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None.
Co-Req: None.
Fundamental principles of animal agriculture; biological and scientific aspects of development, inheritance, and feeding; animal products and scope of the animal industry.

AGRI 1030 Intro to Plant Sciences Credit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: ACT READ 19, ACT ENGL 18
Co-Req: None
Economic importance of plants and their relationship to agriculture and society; plant structure, physiology, and heredity; factors of the
environment in relation to growth, adaptation, and management of plants; utilization of plant products.

AGRI 1040 Intro to Agricultural Engineer Credit Hrs: 4
Pre-req. ACT MATH 19, ACT READ 19, ACT ENGL 18
Co-req. None
Survey of basic engineering principles and terms. Engineering applications in agriculture including topics in soil and water engineering, power and machinery and farm structure building materials and design.

AGRI 1050 Intro to Soil Science Credit Hrs: 4
Pre-Req: CHEM 1110
Co-Req: None
Stresses the nature and properties of soils, including physical, chemical, and biological processes in soils and their influences on plant
growth. Land judging and soil testing are included.