Office of Advising

How Does Advising Work at JSCC?

Your success is important to us at Jackson State, and sometimes life can get in the way of being a successful student. That is why each degree-seeking student at Jackson State is assigned an advisorr to help them navigate college and achieve success. Those students are assigned to one of the staff advisors, called Advising Coaches, from our office until they complete 30 credit hours and become a sophomore, when they then transition to a faculty advisor based on each student’s program of study. (All Health Sciences programs, Nursing, AST Teaching, and Criminal Justice assign faculty advisors to students once they complete their learning support instead of waiting until the 30-hour mark.)

Advisors can connect you to student support services, academic support services, and community resources based on your need. They can serve as your guide to transfer opportunities to 4-year institutions after completing your degree at Jackson State. Have a question and don't know who to ask? Ask your advisor! Students can see their assigned advisor in JWeb’s Student One-Stop or in their Degree Works page.

We also have a few grant-funded projects that have supplemented our staff as additional advisors. Our Relational Advising Coach works both with their assigned caseload of students as well as with the college’s Peer Mentor program. The other two of those projects are part of the TN Coaching Project researching advising interventions for designated student populations. The target population for First Steps Advisors are students recently graduated from high school who require learning support, and our Next Steps Advisors focus on adult students returning to college to get their first degree. Each of those grant advisors have specifically assigned caseloads of students for one academic year to complete the respective grant’s research design.

You can see the role of each advisor below. We're here to help!

Meet the Advising Team!

Photo of Will ShullWill Shull
Director of Advising

Photo of Nikki CastlesNikki Castles
Relational Advising Coach

Photo of Donetta PoissonDonetta Poisson
First Steps Advisor

Photo of Oliver RiegerOliver Rieger
First Steps Advisor

Photo of Eric MorrisEric Morris
First Steps Advisor

Photo of Kelly BargerKelly Barger
Next Steps Advisor

Photo of Shannon O'MayesShannon O'Mayes
Next Steps Advisor


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